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Vintage Vaults provides UAE with state-of-the-art safe deposit box service


Two Dubai entrepreneurs have launched state-of-the-art luxury services to ensure residents and visitors can safeguard their valuable physical and financial assets.

Inspired by traditional Swiss private banks, but updated with cutting-edge technology to meet today’s expectations for convenience and security, Vintage Vaults is located in a secluded area of ​​the Mall of the Emirates.

Vintage Vaults has seven sizes of premium safes, with lease terms ranging from 3 months to 10 years, making it easy to secure jewellery, watches, documents, passwords and other important valuables.

unique experience

Vintage Vaults offers a unique experience combining an award-winning Art Deco-inspired reception area with a custom-made reinforced steel vault for unparalleled peace of mind. Unlike a bank, the facility is open year-round from 10am to midnight, with the option of moving items in and out of the vault in person, or with armored home delivery. Customers visiting in person will benefit from a private car park, a lift directly in front of the store, and a stylish private room where they have complete freedom of access to the contents of their boxes.

“Our journey started when I tried to get a safe from the bank and had a horrible experience,” said Sherif El Haddad, co-founder of Vintage Vaults. “At one point, I waited six years for a box, they demanded a large cash deposit and showed me a small box in a run-down, unsecured room that was only accessible during branch hours. I knew I could do better and that other people would ask for better, so the idea for Vintage Vaults was born.”

As one might expect, security is paramount. Not only does the Vintage Vaults facility benefit from the Mall of the Emirates’ high-tech security measures, its own security measures include multi-level biometric checkpoints, HD CCTV linked to Dubai Police, night vision cameras, motion and audio sensors, dual key locks , and 24/7 security staff. Each case is automatically insured for AED 1 million ($270,000), up to a maximum of AED 5 million, so customers can rest easy knowing their valuables are much safer than at home.

Excellent service

“Vintage Vaults is bringing safe deposit box service into the 21st century with its premium service, customized to the tastes and requirements of UAE residents and tourists,” said Imran Khan, co-founder of Vintage Vaults. Clients in more than 80 countries, of which nearly 70% are long-term residents of the UAE.As personal wealth grows in and around our region, and we expand Vintage Vaults into new markets, we believe the demand for our services will continue to grow. “

Vintage Vault accounts can be managed online and customers must show their Emirates ID or passport to rent boxes. Membership is divided into Standard Membership and Premium Membership, the latter of which offers additional benefits including a private vault, dedicated relationship manager, gold safe deposit box and additional nominees who can gain access. — trade arab news agency


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