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Visit The Hot Springs in India This Winter

In India, hot springs are considered to be a religious heritage and have a place in Indian mythology. You should try our hot spring destinations if you are interested in road trips in India. You will get to see a mesmerizing view and also get the healing benefits of hot springs. Most of the hot springs have bathhouses built near the temples or nearby. Some of the hot springs are also visited for their hiking trails. If you plan such a trip then you can easily book tickets through Air India. Some of the top hot spring destinations are:

This hot spring is located in Ladakh which is a cold destination. This hot spring is known to have medicinal properties. You will get a unique hot water bathing experience and you will forget about the chilly weather when you take a dip.

  • Panamik hot spring

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This hot spring is located in the Northern part of the country at a height of 10,442 feet above sea level. People from the nearby village of Nubra visit the hot spring regularly and it is one of the most famous hot springs. This hot spring also has medicinal properties like the other hot springs. This hot spring is a stopover while traveling the Northern terrain.

  • Manikaran sahib in the Parvati valley

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It is located in the pilgrimage site of Parvati in Kullu district. This hot spring is a famous pilgrimage place for the Hindus and the Sikhs. It is considered to be a sacred spot as Manu recreated human life after the floods. It is known for housing sulfur hot springs.

  • Kheerganga hot springs

To reach this hot spring you will have to trek in the thick woods of Kullu district. The trek begins at Barshiani near Manikaran and takes you through the Himalayas to the Shiva temple in Kheerganga. The hot spring offers a rejuvenating experience to the tired hikers. This place also offers good views of the landscape.

  • Kasol

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There are many hot springs in this town which is located in the Parvati valley. You will find some hot springs flowing parallel to the Parvati river. The hot springs are surrounded by a picturesque view of the Himalayas. You will find facilities like changing rooms, showers and a hot water pool which are managed by the Government.  

  • Tapovan hot spring

The hot spring here comes out of the yellow-soiled hills. It is rich in sulfur and very hot therefore you should check the temperature of the water before taking a dip.

  • Tattapani hot spring

This is the most famous place in India for hot sulfur springs. It is believed that taking a dip in this hot spring can cure bone and joint diseases. You can also spend time enjoying the beauty of this place.  

  • Gaurikund hot spring

It is located 600 feet above sea level and is a famous pilgrimage site. It is a famous bathing spot and there is also a base camp for those who wish to trek to Kedarnath temple. 

  • Rishikund/Gangani hot spring

It is located in Uttarakhand and houses hot springs. When you can bathe in this hot spring you will feel the warm water and also get a spiritual feeling. 

  • Sahastradhara hot spring

The name Sahastradhara means thousandfold springs. It has many hot springs which flow down the massive hills surrounding the area. This destination in India has become a commercial hotspot. 

  • Suryakund hot spring

This place is visited by the devotees all round the year. The hot spring is located near the Yamunotri temple. The place is surrounded by mountains covered with snow. You can visit this place if you want an adventurous and religious experience.

  • Reshi hot spring

This is located in the state of Sikkim and is worth visiting. It is believed that bathing in this hot spring cures skin diseases. 

  • Yumthang hot spring 

This is located in North Sikkim near the pedestrian bridge on river Lachung. The water from the hot springs is diverted into two pools under a hut. Another hot spring called the YumeSamdong hot spring is located 25 km from Yumthang.

Hot spring destinations are perfect for family visits and couples. If you are planning a trip you can try out these destinations.

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