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WATCH: Diplomats amazed by design, craftsmanship of Abu Dhabi Hindu temple


(Menarfin– Khaleej Times) Posted on Sunday, May 28th, 2023 at 4:45 pm

Ambassadors from more than 30 countries visited the BAPS Hindu Temple under construction in Abu Dhabi earlier this week, awed by the hand-carved temple’s fascinating design and exquisite craftsmanship.

After an initial briefing by Swami Brahmaviharidas, Head of BAPS Hindu Mandir, all 85 guests including ambassadors, mission representatives and their families were given a guided tour. They were amazed to see the intricate carvings and exquisite designs of the temples.

New Zealand’s Ambassador to the UAE, Dr Richard Kay, said: “The temple is a cultural asset and will be a wonderful addition to the UAE skyline.”

The region’s first traditional sandstone Hindu temple is taking shape on a massive 27-acre parcel of land. While the exterior is clad in pink sandstone from Rajasthan, India, the interior will be finished in Italian marble.

“I am overwhelmed by Indian craftsmanship. I see a philosophy of tolerance in carving,” said Akio Isomata, Japan’s ambassador to the UAE.

The temple has more than 25,000 stones and was built according to the Hindu “Shilpa Shastras” (ancient Indian architecture). Stories of Arabian, Mayan, Greek and other cultures that encourage peace, tolerance and harmony have been immortalized in the stone on the facade.

Aminath Shabeena, Maldives’ ambassador to the UAE, said: “One has to really visit and witness the meticulous carving and heartfelt emotion of the volunteers.”

“[These are] The most striking carvings representing the flora and fauna of India and the UAE. It has been fantastic to see the tolerance of the UAE leadership,” she emphasized.

Israeli Ambassador to the UAE Amir Hayek noted that the temple will attract tourists from all over the world.

“This monument, built in a country founded on tolerance, will certainly contribute to the harmony of the region and the world,” Hayek stressed.

Swami Brahmaviharidas pointed out that the existence of the Diplomatic Brotherhood and its families is a testament to the unifying power of faith and culture.

“Celebrating the past, addressing the present and recalibrating the future, BAPS Hindu Mandir fuses ancient art and architecture, modern science and technology, universal values ​​and spirituality. Your presence delivers a harmonious message of hope, proving that dialogue, exchange and engagement can A belief that brings us all closer together and makes the world a happier place.”

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