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Wednesday star Percy Hines White finally responds to sexual assault allegations


Wednesday star Percy Hines White finally responds to sexual assault allegations

Wednesday Star Percy Hynes White has recently responded to sexual assault allegations after being accused of sexually engaging in social media posts in early January.

On June 6, Percy, who played Xavier Thorpe in the first season, released a statement to Instagram Story months after the allegations surfaced, but gave no specifics about the allegations he was referring to.

“Earlier this year, someone I had never met launched a disinformation campaign against me online,” the 21-year-old said.

Percy continued, “Because of this, my family has been doxxed and my friends have received death threats.”

“The rumors are false,” the actor said.

Percy explained, “I can’t accept that I’m being portrayed as a bigot, or as grossly negligent about people’s safety.”

“These are baseless, harmful claims that create distrust of victims,” ​​he said.

Percy shared that his “underage photos” were used and Actin in his character was “behaving abhorrently.”

“My friend Jane has been wrongly portrayed as a victim and her efforts to clarify the truth have been ignored. She allowed me to include her in this message,” he commented.

Finally, Percy thanked fans who “supported” him and “helped” share the truth.

“Please stop harassing my family, friends and colleagues,” he concluded.


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