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When does Big Brother 2023 start? CBS Just Dropped Dismal Season 25 News

like big brother Superfans can veto a team’s next move. As always, the reality series is sponsored by Julie Chen Moonves There are some twists and turns ahead, but not quite what audiences expected.as big brother Awaiting the arrival of new tenants, CBS has announced plans to air a 90-minute (!) special episode for season 25. That’s not all…

People usually look forward to enjoying the start of summer with the show’s premiere — and while the three episodes a week seem safe — the release date for season 25 is much later than expected.cbs gave up Summer 2023 Schedule It follows that the premiere is running almost a full month behind schedule, which means there could be oddities big brother The episode schedule is advanced.

why is big brother so late to start?

Unlike previous seasons, which premiered in late June or July, the next installment is Scheduled to start August 2, 2023. CBS may delay air date to fill in WGA strikewhich influenced the production of many Hollywood TV series.

only twice big brother Return sometime other than late June or early July.excited for the first time 2008 shutdown in Hollywood, and the second time in Season 22 in 2020, start in august U.S. due to COVID-19

That means a potential finale date could be sometime in late October — parallel to season 22, which was delayed by the pandemic. Still, CBS notes that the season 25 schedule includes episodes airing Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET, which includes live evictions.

“Big Brother”

Dilemma: big brother Interference with Fall 2023 Wednesday slots.No release date has been announced yet, but survivor and amazing game Usually premieres in mid or late September. more importantly, CBS releases fall schedule and can’t see big brother on top but survivor and amazing game is immutable.

While it’s not uncommon for networks to schedule three reality shows in the evening (last year, true love boat, survivor and amazing game aired), the network ordered a 90-minute extension of the last two episodes. Worst case, CBS can always switch big brother to other nights in the fall, thus filling the hole created by a possible lack of scripting.

As we watch it all unfold, catch fan favorites from CBS’ reality shows like big brother, survivor and amazing game when worlds collide Challenge: United States Returns on August 10, 2023.

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