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Who is Firefly in The Last of Us and the video game?


First, some backstory.

Neil Druckmann, Writer, 2013 last survivor Now a co-writer on the HBO series of the same name, much of his story is inspired by an alternate apocalyptic vision.

Druckmann Apparently walked out of the cinema in 2006 Wandering why video games can’t do what he just saw. What he just saw was: son of man—Alfonso Cuarón PD James Fictionwhich is set in a dystopian Europe, as society crumbles in the face of mass infertility. Why can’t video games tell an intimate, compelling and gritty story? Druckmann wondered.

PlayStation The Last of Us Remastered – PlayStation 4

The Last of Us Remastered - PlayStation 4

PlayStation The Last of Us Remastered – PlayStation 4

The result: a game that captures the same panorama of decay and moral ambiguity as the film. In fact, son of man Such an impact on aesthetics, tone, and central narrative last survivor, the core character relationship is the same for each: an older man who must shepherd the latter in a crumbling world, and a younger woman who represents “healing.” Their path is one of redemption – both for humans and for the characters in the story. (However, mainly for male leads.)

The film also has a strong influence on the game’s political scene–a junta-like military attempt to suppress a terrorist resistance movement. In the game, that resistance comes from the Fireflies, who fight against military-led rebels by extensively bombing and attacking military targets. (as in son of man, set in London, the movement has IRA influences in it. )

The politics of Firefly gives us some insight into Druckmann’s own politics of the end of the world. But these politics are somewhat confusing.

Before we begin, a note on purchasing:

Most of the storylines for the HBO series are taken from existing properties, also written by Druckmann. This includes three games and downloadable content –last survivor (2013), The Last of Us: Left Behind (2014), The Last of Us Part 2 (2020)—and a series of comics, The Last of Us: American Dream (2013).

We are drawing inspiration from these sources. We will avoid all spoilers.

Who is Firefly?

our last fireflies

home theater

Little is known about fireflies — at least since opening. The faction is led by Marlene. The goal is to destabilize the Quarantine Zone (QZ), which is controlled by the military force FEDRA and has no apparent leader. The method was bombing and political violence – attacks on outposts and armored patrols.

The result of all this?

who knows.

The unrest appears to imply some sort of coup – the overthrow of the military junta at the helm. However, it’s unclear what alternative structure the Fireflies have in mind. Just some vague democracy.

In a video game, Firefly seeks to restore pre-pandemic governance. They are as old as FEDRA and appeared immediately after the military took power in QZ. Their targets are national and the movement exists in several QZs from Boston to Seattle. Some groups managed to dismantle the FEDRA forces; however, these QZs quickly descended into anarchy. (Joel’s brother Tommy is affiliated with at least one group. In the video game, he leads a terrorist attack on a military target in Denver.)

The Fireflies also appear to be one of the few factions looking for a vaccine, employing their own scientists and researchers to develop a cure. (We’re not sure what the implication is here—maybe FEDRA is all about control and prevention, not the nobler pursuit of change.)

However, what confuses Firefly politics is their revolutionary cause. Food shortages are mentioned in both the series and the game, with FEDRA allegedly responsible for depriving citizens of food. However, FEDRA’s greatest crime appears to be its use of military force to control populations. (Beyond curfews and strict security checks, we haven’t seen much of it — and it’s hard to argue that these actions aren’t entirely necessary.) Of course, counterarguments suggest that FEDRA is all we know so far The only ones capable of fending off infection from the outside; currently, their model is the only one that’s been successful. Why many would want to breach FEDRA controls and risk anarchy and infection is unclear.

We think FEDRA’s crimes are serious enough for many to take the risk.

But for now, Firebug seems to be the problem. Joel might be right to distrust them.

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Joshua St Clair is an assistant editor at Men’s Health.


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