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Will Michael Weatherly Return to NCIS in 2023?

Will Michael Weatherly Return to NCIS in 2023?

with NCIS Season 20 is well-staffed and there is always interest in the possibility of a guest star returning from one of the previous cast, especially Mark Harmon as Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs or Michael Weatherly As Anthony DiNozzo.

Today, in response to a New Years Day tweet from a fan who said his 2023 wish was to watch DiNozzo and Ziva (paul coast) reunion, Weatherly, last seen on NCIS In the season 13 finale, a cryptic answer was released: “Stay tuned…because this could be an interesting year for ‘moments’ like this”!

in past conversations NCIS Host Steven D. Binder, he has always said he is open to the possibility.with in the interview procession Done Sean Murrayhe said, “I’ve been talking to Michael, so we joke This possibility sometimes comes to mind. “

We did have de Pablo back as Ziva in season 17, which means when she wraps up some unfinished business, she’ll join Tony and their daughter Tali in Paris, so now we’re in season 20 , it’ll be interesting to see how the couple fare – if they’re still together!

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