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Winners of the 2023 Cannes Film Festival Grand Prix Entertainment, Design, Digital Craft, Film Craft and Industrial Craft


The second day of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity was a complete success, and more exciting activities were recognized by the industry. Today we take a look at the Grand Prix winners in the Entertainment, Gaming Entertainment, Music Entertainment, Sports Entertainment, Design, Digital Craft, Film Craft and Industrial Craft categories.

From Japan Railways, to Serena Williams’ AI-viewed sports tour, today’s trip to Cannes’ winners was a wild one.

Philip Thomas, Chairman of LIONS: “It’s been an incredible start to the inaugural Entertainment Lions for Gaming. Lions winners come from all corners of the globe and the festival celebrates Mexico and Japan on a great achievement, raising the bar on the global stage once again. level of creativity.”

Check them out below:

Recreational Lions and Game Recreational Lions

Clash of Clans – Past Clashes

Clash of Clans’ false 40th anniversary (which celebrates the game’s actual 10th anniversary) today saw not one but two grand prix – in the entertainment and games entertainment categories. With the help of Wieden+Kennedy, the brand produced a full-length documentary on 30 years of games, trading cards, and even cereal that took the internet by storm.

While the mobile game started in 2012, Wieden+Kennedy’s goal is to pull its fans down a four-decade-long rabbit hole of false lore, where the game has existed since 1982. On its epic journey, the agency created a mini-documentary and even forged some brand partnerships to further weave the web of lies.

Francine Li, Chair of the Lions of Entertainment Jury and Head of Global Marketing at Riot Games, said: “Our inaugural Entertainment Games Jury wanted to honor brave titles that respected the nuances of gaming culture and creatively added value to the player experience. The Grand Prix winner did exactly that. This. It touches on a universal truth in gaming: players don’t just love the game, they love the entire universe around them.”

entertainment music lion

Michael Kiwanuka – Life is Beautiful

This year’s Entertainment Lion for Music is a double award. One of the winners was SMUGGLER director Phillip Youmans’ music video for Michael Kiwanuka’s “Beautiful Life.” The video uses the game of Russian roulette as the backdrop for Kiwanuka’s emotional track while exploring the DMT phenomenon. Youmans interweaves the perspectives of four teenagers, each flashing their own lives before their eyes before pulling the trigger.

Shot on 16mm film, Youmans’ original immersive approach creates bold, dynamic and claustrophobic scenes, while the dynamic camera during each flashback brings a sense of nostalgia and vividness. Phillip Youmans melds his craft and powerful singles from Kiwanuka into matters of life and death, celebrating the true strength of the human spirit.

Apple – the greatest

“The Greatest” showcases Apple’s commitment to accessibility, launching ahead of International Day of Persons with Disabilities in December 2022.

This film aims to raise awareness of several incredible accessibility innovations born out of a desire to support people with vision, hearing, mobility or cognitive impairments.

Following seven amazing people as they go about their day, live their lives, and master Apple’s accessibility features as they travel the world, the film presents a new way to describe disability—in everyday life. Celebration capabilities, usually supported by Apple technology.

Sports and Entertainment Lions

Michelob ULTRA – The Dreamer

Michelob ULTRA believes basketball is only worth it if you like it. However, because of its speed, the game has been a longstanding and unique challenge for the blind and visually impaired.

That’s why Michelob ULTRA and FCB have teamed up to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to accessible, innovative technologies that help the blind and visually impaired fully enjoy and experience basketball like never before. They demonstrated it on the grandest possible scale: by having a blind man, Cameron Blake, call a New York Knicks game live on television.

Rob Doubal, Chairman of the Judging Panel for Entertainment Lions for Sport, Co-President of McCann London and Co-Chief Creative Officer of McCann UK, said McCann London: At its core it was engaging fans with one of the best and most innovative live shows of the year. It has had a powerful impact on the brand and its approach, execution and new technology offering, sure to leave a legacy for all its followers. “

movie craft lion

Let’s Cry Together – Short Film

Kendrick Lamar and ‘Zola’ star Taylour Paige blurred duet on ‘We Cry Together’, one of the rapper’s most talked about songs The line between music, drama and poetry. Praised for its brutal honesty, raw dialogue and incredible energy, the song was soon crowned with its own short film co-directed by Kendrick, Jack Schreyer and Dave Free. In the film, viewers see Lamar and Paige perform parts of their song in a passionate, unfiltered argument as they walk through their dimly lit home.

Film Craft Lions jury chair Kim Gehrig and Somesuch’s director commented: “The winner of the Grand Prix is ​​a groundbreaking work that draws on all the strengths of the craft of cinema to create a groundbreaking, genre-defining film. The work. There were many creative choices in the direction and execution of the film, of which craft was the driving force behind its evocative power. From the choice of camera choreography, lighting, framing, language, drama and truly extraordinary performances, all these craft decisions culminated in Courageous piece of work that effectively challenges us to question ourselves. I have been personally inspired and inspired by this work as a whole.”

design lion


Pulaar, the language of the Fulani people of West Africa, is spoken by more than 40 million people, but for most of its history it had no alphabet. In 1989, brothers Ibrahima and Abdoulaye Barry, determined to preserve their native language from childhood, created an early version of ADLaM in handwritten form. However, there is still a need to digitize the alphabet so that it can be used to communicate through technology, enabling Fulani people to conduct business and connect.

So the Barry brothers started working with Microsoft in 2018, and just this past April, they announced ADLaM Display, an evolution of the Pulaar alphabet developed in partnership with McCann NY, for use in the Microsoft 365 suite.

Digital Craft Lion

Nike- Never Done Evolving feat Serena

On the 50th anniversary of the sports brand, Nike traveled through time with the AKQA studios in Melbourne, Portland and Sao Paulo to create the 1999 U.S. Open for tennis legend Serena Williams. The 2017 Australian Open created a matchup between her first Grand Slam and her most recent one. The goal is to gain insight into how Serena got to where she is today and how she continues to challenge the future.

Machine learning is capable of simulating the playing style of each era: decision-making, shot selection, reflexes, recovery and agility based on archived footage. Based on vid2player technology developed at Stanford University, Nike was able to bring Serena’s models to life by re-rendering each iteration of the iteration into an entirely new scene — making them appear to be playing the game and responding to each other.

Industrial Craft Lions Club

JP Group- My Japan Railway

Train lines operated by Japan Railways form the backbone of Japan’s public transport infrastructure. Their network spans the country, and for 150 years they have not only helped Japanese society, but are still integrated into everyday life. However, people are starting to take them for granted.

To solve this problem, Dentsu and JP Group developed a plan to personally reconnect Japan Railways with its customers. The main insight they exploited was the fact that, despite the island’s small size, only 6% of the Japanese population visited all 47 prefectures. Therefore, they aim to maximize the interest of domestic travel and inject fun into rail travel by creating personalized “My Japan Railway” for customers.


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