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WORLD NEWS | A 2,300-year-old Buddhist elephant statue discovered


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Odisha [India], June 20 (ANI): After 2,300 years of burial, the ancient sentinel, a stone carved out of stone to guard elephants, once again stands under the open sky, in the lush, fertile valley of the Daya River. Odisha. According to Bhutan Live, it is a staunch testimony to the Buddhist community that lived in the area during Ashoka’s reign.

The majestic stone elephant, about 1 meter (3 feet) tall, was discovered last month by archaeologists from India’s National Trust for Arts and Cultural Heritage (INTACH). As a remarkable piece of art from the past, it alludes to the importance of bygone eras in a seductive way. It also reveals the deep-rooted significance of elephants in Buddhist teachings.

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“In the quiet solitude of the forest, both the spiritual giant and the mighty elephant find solace,” Buddha once said, as quoted in Udana, or “The Heartfelt Quote.” This quote encapsulates the deep connection between elephants and the teachings of the Buddha, both relishing solitude and seeking refuge. In this case, the statue rediscovered from the verdant river valley has a deeper, almost mystical significance, reports Bhutan Live.

The statue mirrors other Buddhist elephant statues found in the area. Its closest sibling is located in Dhauli, 19 kilometers upstream from the nearest discovery.

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The statue is similar to other Buddhist elephant statues found in the region, with its closest sibling living at Dhauli, 19 kilometers upstream from the most recent discovery. According to Bhutan Live, the features of these monolithic elephants were finely etched out of the same rocky womb, echoing the ancient story of the blind man and the elephant, another teaching of the Buddha that highlights the limitations of human perception and With it comes the quest for holistic understanding.

“Odisha, especially the area around Gada Balabhadrapur, is an archaeological gold mine,” said Anil Dhir, one of the lead researchers on the excavation project. Over the past few years, Buddhist artifacts have been unearthed at these sites.

The INTACH team, led by Dhir and his colleague Deepak Nayak, plans to systematically excavate the area to learn more about the ancient cultures and religions that once populated the valley. It’s an ambitious effort to return us to the corridors of time when the teachings of the Buddha flourished under Ashoka’s auspices, radiating from the heart of India to modern Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh, according to Bhutan live streaming.

Today, however, Buddhists are still a minority in India, but the spirit of Buddha’s teachings, his quest for peace, and the wisdom of his metaphors resonate deeply.

Today, although Buddhists are a minority in India, the spirit of the Buddha’s teachings, his quest for peace, and the wisdom of his metaphors resonate deeply. In discovering these ancient treasures, we are also searching for timeless lessons that can guide us through modern trials and tribulations. As Buddha said, “We are what we think. Everything we are comes from our thoughts. We create the world with our thoughts,” says Bhutan Live. (Arnie)

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