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World News | Afghan-Americans protest Taliban ban on women’s education

World News | Afghan-Americans protest Taliban ban on women’s education

WASHINGTON, Jan. 3 (PTI) — Protesting against the recent ban on Afghan women’s education, large numbers of Afghan-Americans pledged to fight the brutal policy of the Taliban government.

“We’re here to fight for girls’ right to education,” Rayan Yasini, who represents the Afghan Cultural Association from California, said in front of the White House on Sunday, when she was joined by a large number of Afghan-Americans from across the country.

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“Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, girls have no longer had the right to study. We are here to make sure that doesn’t continue,” Yassini said.

Nasir Khan, president of the Afghan Association, has urged the Taliban government to withdraw a recent ban on girls’ education in the country. Afghan girls need to be empowered, he demanded.

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Hekmat Sorosh, an Afghan-American who participated in a protest in front of the White House, said the Taliban systematically took steps to prevent girls from getting an education. “The whole world is watching. The United Nations is watching,” he said.

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