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World News | Assam may achieve 100% electric three-wheeler sales by 2025: US study


WASHINGTON, January 17 (PTI) — Assam is likely to achieve 100 percent electric three-wheeler sales by 2025, making it the first state in India to reach the milestone, according to a study conducted by a top US university. state.

By FY2023 – April 2022 – January 2023 – Assam has achieved about 85% of new e-rickshaw sales, the only three in India to achieve such a high level in any segment One of the electrified states (the other two are Uttarakhand and Chandigarh), says a recent study by the Center for ZEV Research in India at UC Davis.

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“At the current pace, Assam could achieve 100% e-rickshaw sales by 2025, becoming one of the first states to achieve this goal, not only in India but globally. The strong momentum in 3W electric sales continues as Assam’s total 3W sales grow while recovering from the pandemic,” said UC Davis in its study.

More than 25 states in India have now announced their own national EV policies, focusing on demand-side incentives, including vehicle purchase subsidies, tax breaks and incentives for charging infrastructure, and supply-side incentives to boost investment in EV manufacturing. Many states have also developed varying ambitions, setting targets for vehicle electrification by 2030.

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While India has set a target of net-zero emissions by 2070, it has not set any sector-specific targets, and more specifically in terms of the electrification of road transport, it has pushed for state-level action to adopt EVs as key driving force.

In the absence of a national EV target, state-level EV policy targets can provide important market signals at the local level to create demand and create an enabling environment for capital to flow into the EV ecosystem, leading India towards high ZEV adoption.

The study estimates that the total cumulative incentives provided by states will total approximately $1.1 billion through 2030.

Since the Assam Electric Vehicle Policy came into effect in January 2022, 38,710 electric 3W, 1,903 electric 2W two-wheelers and 90 electric 4W (four-wheel) vehicles were sold in the state in 2022, the study said.

In fact, the state has electrified 85% of 3W new sales, showing that even with only the FAME-II subsidy program, the segment has good economics.

“The country is lagging behind in sales of electric 2W and 4W, and additional state subsidies will greatly improve the market economics of these vehicles,” it said.

According to the study, the benefits of Assam’s EV policy including subsidies for EVs, zero registration and road tax, and free parking will also be key in driving the transition from ICE to EVs in the 2W and 4W segments.

Noting that Assam is one of the most recent states to have notified its National Electric Vehicle Policy in September 2021, it said that the National Policy sets a target to .

In addition, the state plans to electrify 100 percent of public transport buses and government vehicles by 2030, including banning government vehicles from buying internal combustion engines from 2025. Finally, it aims to phase out all fossil fuel commercial and logistics vehicles by 2030.

As state governments develop frameworks for electric vehicle policies, significant capacity development is required to align a favorable transport policy ecosystem, as various issues regarding transport and energy are within the purview of all levels of government, especially state and local. government agencies, the study said.

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