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World News | Banks seek to settle women’s lawsuit in Jeffrey Epstein case

World News | Banks seek to settle women’s lawsuit in Jeffrey Epstein case

NEW YORK, Dec. 31 (AP) — Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan are asking a federal court to dismiss criminal charges in a lawsuit claiming the big banks should have seen evidence of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking.

The banks said in filings late Friday that they did not act negligently in causing harm to the women who filed the lawsuits, which failed to show that they benefited from Epstein’s sex trafficking.

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The filing comes about a month ago in federal district court in New York after two women identified as Jane Doe sued the banks and the government of the U.S. Virgin Islands, which Epstein owns on a property on an island he owns. documents.

The lawsuits seek class-action status to represent other Epstein victims, claiming the banks knowingly benefited from Epstein’s sex trafficking and “choosed profit over compliance with the law” to rake in millions of dollars from the financier.

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They suggested that banks should shun Epstein after his 2006 arrest in Florida — he eventually pleaded guilty to state soliciting charges — and the aftermath of federal investigations and news coverage.

“Epstein’s sex trafficking program could not have existed or flourished without the involvement of financial institutions,” the lawsuit says.

JPMorgan said Friday that Doe “is entitled to justice in his case … but the lawsuit against JPMorgan against the wrong party is legally without merit and should be dismissed.”

Deutsche Bank said it provided “routine banking services” to Epstein from 2013 to 2018, and that the lawsuit “does not adequately allege that Deutsche Bank … was part of Epstein’s sex-trafficking criminal ring.” (US Associated Press)

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