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WORLD NEWS | BSF, Bangladesh Border Guard hold coordination meeting; highlight momentum in development, infrastructure activities


Former BSF DG Sujoy Lal Thaosen and Major General BGB DG AKM Nazmul Hasan (Image credit: Twitter @BSF)

New Delhi [India]June 15 (ANI): The Border Security Force (BSF) and Bangladesh Border Guard (BGB) director-general level border coordination meeting 2023 was held in the national capital on Wednesday.

According to officials, the 53rd border coordination meeting between BSF and BGB was held at the BSF Chhawla camp in New Delhi from June 11 to 14.

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In a statement on Wednesday, BSF said both guard forces have emphasized accelerating and giving more impetus to development and infrastructure activities, which will boost trade and bilateral relations between India and Bangladesh.

The two sides agreed on five development projects, strengthening their joint efforts for the progress and prosperity of the region. The BSF and BGB have agreed to effectively deter border crime by conducting more simultaneous night-time coordinated patrols in vulnerable areas and sharing information in real time.

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The BSF further said in a statement on Twitter, “This decision is an important step towards improving the overall quality of life and will help foster stronger bilateral trade and relations between the two countries. Furthermore, it emphasized Commitments from both sides Prime Ministers are prioritizing development work that works for the benefit and fulfills the aspirations of people living on the border.”

Major General AKM Nazmul Hasan, BAM, NDC, PSC, Director General of Bangladesh Border Guard (DG BGB) led the Bangladeshi delegation to India to participate in the India BSF vs Bangladesh Border Guard in New Delhi from 11th to 20th June 53rd Border Coordination Meeting June 14, according to a statement issued by BSF. Meanwhile, the Indian delegation was led by Border Security Force (DG BSF) Director-General Sujoy Lal Thaosen.

DG BSF applauds the cooperation of BGB which paves the way to expedite the construction of single row fencing and essential elements along the India-Bangladesh border. The DG BGB pledged its full cooperation and mentioned that the battalions concerned had been instructed to conduct a joint verification of the proposed single row fencing works.

The two sides also agreed to hold a meeting of nodal officials within a month to resolve issues related to development and infrastructure works. Emphasizes the importance of the Coordinated Border Management Program (CBMP) in curbing the dangers of cross-border crime such as drug smuggling, contraband and gold drugs.

According to a statement released by the BSF, both parties agreed to track down and share real-time information and interrogation reports of traffickers, if available, and pledged to maintain extra vigilance to deter them so that the India-Bangladesh border is crime-free.

On the issue of border violence and ensuring that its numbers are reduced, both parties agreed to work together and engage professionally, to increase joint patrols and vigilance, especially late at night to early morning, to enhance public awareness programs, to share real-time information, and to bring these criminals to justice in law.

Both sides appreciated efforts to strengthen mutual cooperation through various agreed activities such as Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) under the Comprehensive Border Management Plan, quarterly meetings at node officer level, coordination of joint patrols and identification of vulnerable areas.

The BSF director general said the number of sports activities by Indian and Bangladeshi troops at the border should increase. He further stated that the two militaries should explore the possibility of conducting water sports along the river border.

The two sides agreed to continue all bilateral activities in the coming days, such as competitions and sports activities, joint retirement ceremonies, friendly visits, training and exchange programs, etc. The statement said DG BSF appreciates the exchange visits of media organizations on the proposal of DG BGB.

The two Directors-General expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting. The leaders of the two sides reaffirmed their joint commitment to maintaining peace and tranquility in the border areas. The BSF statement added that the two sides tentatively agreed to hold the next director-general level meeting in Bangladesh. (Arnie)

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