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World News | China’s new Foreign Minister Qin seeks to improve ties with India


washington [US]Jan 2 (ANI): China’s new foreign minister, Qin Gang, has said in an op-ed in US magazine The National Interest that Beijing seeks to improve relations with New Delhi.

A few days before replacing Wang Yi, Qin mentioned the India-China border issue in an article titled “How China Views the World” and said, “Both sides are willing to ease the situation and jointly maintain border peace.”

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The Galwan Valley and Pangong Lake, located west of the LAC, have been flashpoints in recent years. In Tawang in the east, where the latest melee took place, there was discussion of the impact control of the Buddhist shrine could have on China’s authority over Tibet and its next spiritual leader, Newsweek reported.

Recently, India and China held the 17th round of military commander-level meeting at the Chushul-Moldo border junction on December 20, and agreed to maintain security and stability on the ground in the western sector.

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“In the interim, both parties agreed to maintain security and stability on the ground in the western sector,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) said in a statement.

The MEA statement said that the two sides agreed to maintain close contact, maintain dialogue through military and diplomatic channels, and reach a mutually acceptable solution to the remaining issues as soon as possible.

Qin also accused the United States of challenging the status quo in Taiwan and Japan in changing the status quo in the South China Sea.

“China’s development means a stronger force for peace, not a growing force that ‘breaks the status quo’ as some say. Tensions in the Taiwan Strait are not caused by mainland China breaking the status quo, but by ‘Taiwan’.” “Independence” The status quo of “one China” is constantly being challenged by separatists and external forces,” Qin wrote.

“On the East China Sea issue, it was Japan that attempted to ‘nationalize’ the Diaoyu Islands ten years ago, changing the ‘status quo’ between China and Japan by agreeing to set aside their differences. In the South China Sea, the status quo is that regional countries are negotiating a code of conduct, which will result in rules that are meaningful and effective for the region,” he wrote.

Earlier, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken discussed Washington’s relationship with Beijing and kept lines of communication open in a phone call with Qin.

Blinken tweeted, “Spoke this morning with Qin Gang, the new Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China who is leaving Washington for his new post. We discussed US-China relations and kept lines of communication open.”

Qin, a former Chinese ambassador to the United States, was named the country’s new foreign minister on Friday.

The decision was made by the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress, the Global Times reported.

The report added that Qin, 56, succeeds Wang Lijun, who is currently a member of the Communist Party’s Politburo and state councilor.

On Thursday, China’s ambassador warned Washington that it could have a “military conflict” with Beijing over Taiwan’s future status.

“If the Taiwan authorities continue to take the path of Taiwan independence under the instigation of the United States, it is very likely that China and the United States will be involved in a military conflict,” Qin said on NPR. His first one-on-one interview since taking office in Washington last July.

Qin, who arrived in Washington last year amid bipartisan discontent with China, told NPR that any idea of ​​”changing China” was always “an illusion.” (Arnie)

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