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World News | Farmers in Tsirang, Bhutan use biogas to heat poultry farms

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Zilang [Bhutan], Feb 19 (ANI): A commercial farmer in Tsirang San Man Subba has a unique way of using biogas. He has been using biogas to maintain the temperature at his 4,000-head poultry farm in Tsirang, Bhutan, Bhutan Live reported.

Typically, biogas is used for cooking, but San Man Subba, 38, uses it to heat his poultry farm of 4,000 poultry, broilers and chicks.

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Maintaining such a huge farm is not energy efficient, and San Man Subba has to pay huge electricity bills. But last June, San Man decided to switch to biogas to maintain the temperature at his poultry farm, Bhutan Live reported.

San Man Subba has put manure from his hog and dairy farms to good use, building a large biogas plant. The plant is almost as deep as an Olympic swimming pool and can easily support 7,000 birds, Bhutan Live reported.

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“Last year, I had to pay around Nur 60,000 for electricity during one winter months. So, I had to think of another way to heat my poultry farm and reduce expenses. So, through this way, I can use the saved amount for other purposes,” San Man said in an interview with Bhutan Live.

However, due to the large scale of the farm, the chicks have high temperature requirements, so he still has to rely on electricity this winter. Maintaining room temperature in a poultry farm is critical for chick development and preventing them from dying.

“The room temperature needed for the chicks is around 32 degrees Celsius, but it is difficult to maintain the required temperature with biogas heating, especially in peak winter. So, I have to rely on electricity a little bit. But for adult birds, biogas heating is enough , because they only need about 18-20 degrees Celsius,” San Man Subba said.

San Man and his family rely heavily on biogas for cooking and cattle feed.

The use of biogas saves his family about S$40,000 a month. San Man now plans to use biogas to heat his pig farm within the next few months.

San Man also intends to refill LPG cylinders from his factory.

“If the government can support me to purchase a compressor unit, I intend to expand the existing biogas plant. Because the biogas plant has the potential to refill LPG cylinders. This can at least help Tsirang residents refill LPG cylinders,” said Sang Man said in an interview with Bhutan Live.

Initiatives like San Man Subba will go a long way toward making Bhutan an energy-efficient country while providing a decent income for hardworking farmers like himself. (Arnie)

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