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WORLD NEWS | Flybig to deploy Canadian aircraft under Udan plan


Sanjay Mandavia, President, Flybig India (Photo/ANI)

by Shailesh Yadav

Paris [France]June 20 (ANI): The aircraft purchased from Canada’s de Havilland Aircraft Company will be mainly deployed under India’s UDAN Regional Airport Development Programme, part of the Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) to improve the underserved and connect Tier 2 and Tier 3 communities, Flybig India President Sanjay Mandavia said after signing the agreement.

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Speaking to ANI, Mandavia said, “We have secured 84 destinations under the Udan scheme. Our first flight will connect Deharadoon from Pithauragadh and Pant Nagar. We also have plans for other destinations and we will provide Cheapest air ticket under Udan plan.”

Today at the Paris International Air Show, De Havilland Canada signed a purchase agreement with Flybig for two Twin Otter Series 400 aircraft and the purchase of 10 new DHC-6 Twin Otter Classic 300 aircraft LOI-G aircraft.

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This is a very versatile aircraft. This aircraft has a very unique quality as it can land on water and on the ground at the same time.

“India is developing a lot of sea lanes and the state governments are interested in connecting sea lanes. So we thought, if this plane can come, we can deploy this plane to the riverside like Sabarmati. A couple of Mandavi added : “They want to see connectivity in the Northeast. So this will be very useful. ”

There are several departments in the Northeast that would like to see route connectivity. So that will be very useful, he added.

Commenting on IndiGo Airlines’ order of 500 aircraft from Airbus, Flybig India President said, “This is a historic event for our country. We are proud that Indigo is known to us as the best and best airline in the world One. I congratulate them. This is a great moment for all Indians. India is not the third largest, I think we have one of the largest and fastest growing aviation industry with 1.4 billion people. I Thinking this is just the beginning, I’d say there’s more to come.”

Mandavia said that the aviation industry creates a lot of jobs. “Each plane creates hundreds of jobs. So if India gets 500 more planes, more jobs will be created and we will get 10 more planes, which will create more jobs,” Mandavia said. added. (Arnie)

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