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World News | Former US NSA calls PM Modi a ‘global leader’, says biggest challenge facing US and India is ‘China’


Former U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton (Photo/ANI)

Written by Ayushi Agarwal

Washington DC [US]June 21 (ANI): Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton has called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a “global leader”, saying the biggest challenge facing India and the US is how to deal with China.

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In an exclusive interview with ANI on Prime Minister Modi’s first state visit to the US, Bolton said he believed “trade relations” were a topic that the two leaders would discuss as many US and other companies were loosening their supply chains in China.

“As the leader of India, he is of course a global leader. He has strong views on a lot of topics and I think one of the topics that will be discussed in Washington is the trade relationship between the two countries and the integration of India not only in the WTO context, but also more broadly in international affairs in terms of economics,” the former national security adviser said.

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He highlighted India’s potential as an attractive alternative for these companies because of its English-speaking population, and suggested that closer cooperation between India and the US could bring great benefits to both countries.

“I think India has a lot of opportunity here because you’re seeing companies in the US, Japan and Europe are loosening up their supply chains in China rather than making additional commitments. India seems to offer a very promising place where they might consider going. Attractive places, access to millions of English speakers is a huge step forward for India, so there is definitely a bigger area of ​​cooperation between India and the US, which will be of great benefit to both countries,” he said. he added.

Referring to China, Bolton said it had been trying to intimidate countries along the Pacific Rim and bordering India with “hegemonic ambitions”.

“I think the biggest challenge for India and the U.S. is how to deal with China. I think the U.S. view is largely cross-partisan that China is a huge threat to the U.S. and its friends and allies around the world. Hegemonic aspirations, not only in Asia but also outside of Asia. Much depends on how countries in the region align themselves with countries outside the region to deal with this, and these two are the most important countries in the complex The situation is India and the US. I think India’s interest is in a closer relationship with the US, and I hope that’s a view that Prime Minister Modi is increasingly embracing,” Bolton said.

Bolton further called Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit “significant”, saying the two countries still have a lot to talk about across the issue spectrum.

“I think it’s a very important visit because I think India and the United States have a lot to talk about on a range of issues, international politics, economics and many[manythingsmanychallengesthatbothcountriesandIfaceItmakessensetohaveimportantdecisionstomake”Boltonsaid[manythingsmanychallengesthatconfrontbothcountriesandIthinkthatthereareimportantdecisionstobemadeinbothcountriesIfImaysaysoparticularlyinIndiaabouthowtodealwithsomeofthethreatsandchallengesthatwefaceSoIthinkthatthemeetingbetweenthetwoleadersthecountriesmakesalotofsense”saidBolton[许多事情,两国和我面临的许多挑战我认为两国都有重要的决定要做出很有道理”,博尔顿说。[manythingsmanychallengesthatconfrontbothcountriesandIthinkthatthereareimportantdecisionstobemadeinbothcountriesIfImaysaysoparticularlyinIndiaabouthowtodealwithsomeofthethreatsandchallengesthatwefaceSoIthinkthatthemeetingbetweenthetwoleadersofthecountriesmakesalotofsense”saidBolton

John Bolton, when asked about his expectations for concrete outcomes, particularly with regard to the defense relationship, said (defense) was the most obvious issue for closer cooperation between the two countries, adding that the purchase of the Russian S-400 makes it a It is difficult for the US to share its advanced technology with India.

“I think the defense aspect is the most obvious issue for closer cooperation, I do understand the history with India, but recently there have been difficulties like buying the Russian S-400 air defense system, which prevents the US from sharing some of its advanced technology, stealth technology, I am aware of India’s herding away from its longstanding high tech weapons relationship with Russia, but if you think about it in India’s own interest, I think it would be appropriate if between the US and India we could reach something deal, I think that would be an advantage, there are a lot of opportunities for India to expand its own defense industry locally, I think that’s something to watch, okay,” he said. (ANI)

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