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World News | Galaxy India: From deficit to surplus, India’s spectacular milk production journey


milk production in india

New Delhi [India]July 2 (ANI): In India, milk is not just a drink but a timeless staple. It is suitable for both hot and cold, and can be eaten in all seasons. Milk, the country’s favorite refreshment and source of nutrition, is a culinary delight for Indians across the country. From individuals producing their own milk to large dairy co-op brands satisfying the calcium cravings of hundreds of millions of Indians, the Indian milk industry has become the ‘biggest’ and ‘best’ in the world.

Ankit Redhu, CEO of Lakshya Food India LTD from Jind, puts profitability at the top of his list, aiming to create more jobs through innovative methods used to increase milk production in the country.

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There are many people like him who revolutionized the operating landscape of the Indian milk industry, making it the best milk industry in the world right now. According to sources, India currently produces 50 percent more milk than the United States and three times that of China. Once a milk-starved country, producing just over 55 million tonnes in a fiscal year in the 1990s, India now accounts for 23% of global milk production. Multiple factors such as innovation, strong research, technological advancement and government support have enabled India to optimize its milk production.

Jayesh Patel, Director of Sumul Dairy in Surat, described the dairy’s journey from producing just 200 liters of milk to now processing 2.2 million liters (2.2 million) of milk per day. “This benefits everyone, especially the tribal peoples and as many as 250,000 women who are associated with us. Because of this, today we are able to supply milk to Goa from Kolhapur in Maharashtra ,” Patel said.

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Shakuntala Ben, a small dairy farmer in Surat, is a living example of women’s empowerment in the Indian dairy industry. Shakuntara, who owns six cows, has successfully built his business and contributed to the overall development of the Indian milk industry.

The country’s government, cooperatives and milk processors have encouraged dairy farmers by providing easy loans, high-yielding cow breeds and other technical assistance. India, which produced 116 million tonnes of milk a decade ago, has nearly doubled its production capacity to 221.1 million tonnes in 2021-22, sources said.

“If there is any country whose dairy industry contributes so much to its GDP, the Indian dairy industry contributes Rs 1 billion to India’s GDP. Dairy products contribute significantly to the Indian economy,” said Union Home Amit Shah said.

India, which produced 210 tonnes of milk in 2020-21, now sets its sights on surpassing its own record by implementing the National Dairy Development Action Plan.

The plan aims to achieve a target of 300 million tonnes of milk production by 2023-24. It also aims to increase per capita milk supply to 592 grams per day by 2023-24 from 444 grams per day in 2022.

The action plan is the result of a huge effort by the government, coupled with the ambitions of individuals and industry players to keep the Indian milk industry thriving. Milk consumption levels in the country have risen substantially, almost doubling from 214 grams per day in 2000 to 427 grams per day.

Harmonious cooperation and healthy competition among various stakeholders, along with effective policy formulation at the center, has given India the current ‘best’ position in the global dairy market. (Arnie)

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