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WORLD NEWS | How the Israeli Air Force is preparing for multiple wars


Representative picture (Photo/Israel Air Force)

Tel Aviv [Israel]July 10 (ANI/TPS): In mid-June, the IDF completed a major two-week war exercise called “Hands of Resolute,” simulating a war that began in Hezbollah and Lebanon and spread to other locations. Multiple wars, including Iran.

The Israeli Air Force played a key role in this exercise, reflecting its core status as Israel’s strategic weapon.

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In May, the Indian Air Force sent F-16 fighter jets to Cyprus for the first time as part of the “Blue Sun” exercise, which simulated a war with Lebanon’s Hezbollah. The exercise also saw Israeli intelligence-gathering aircraft, C-130 transport helicopters, Apache gunships and ground special forces.

With the Indian Air Force expected to have two full squadrons of F-35 fifth-generation jets by 2024 and to receive a third squadron in the next few years, the IAF is preparing to meet the many security challenges of the 21st century Middle East. Chief among these is the Iranian-led Axis powers’ attempt to surround Israel with a “ring of fire” and build missile and rocket bases in civilian areas around the Jewish state.

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In any future all-out regional war, the Indian Air Force must be able to counter both these threats and Iranian nuclear and missile sites thousands of kilometers away from Israel.

“The Indian Air Force has always strived to achieve versatility, both in terms of the number of forces employed and the way the force performs various missions,” said Maj. Gen. Abdul Abdul, a former Indian Air Force commander. Eitan Ben-Eliyahu told the Tazpit press service.

“Pilots are trained against each potential site. Sites are prioritized on a case-by-case basis,” Ben-Eliahu explained.

IDF Brigadier General Professor Jacob Nagel is a senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and served as Acting National Security Advisor in the previous government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the former chairman of Israel’s National Security Council. In preparing for war on multiple fronts, the role of the Indian Air Force will be as crucial as the intelligence community.

“Having returned to the defense doctrine formulated by David Ben-Gurion as part of his three pillars of deterrence, early warning [intelligence] and decisive victory [after which the defense pillar was added]The Air Force plays a primary role in deterrence and decisive victory,” Nagel said.

Nagel pointed out that the Indian Air Force’s Air Defense Command plays a key role in defense today, and the Indian Air Force is also responsible for protecting the country’s borders until the reserves are called up.

Nagel added that in 2017 and 2018, then-Prime Minister Netanyahu drafted a revised defense doctrine that stipulates that the IDF will strike anyone who attacks Israel and will also target those behind those attacks. people, namely Iran.

“A closer arena, but other parties will also be involved — intelligence, cyber, precision missiles, special forces, and so on,” he said.

In addition, Nagel believes that ground forces will play an important role in multi-domain warfare, but primarily the types of ground forces that are currently being built. These are designed to deal with seemingly empty battlefields, enemy forces using robots, standoffs (long-range) and doubles (weapons that can be deployed as part of an assault on enemy territory), strikes against enemy territory, he said. The depth of the enemy and so on.

Nagel said it is critical to create a multi-domain ground force composed of diverse forces that are versatile enough to operate in multiple domains and to defend well against evolving threats.

Ben Eliyahu pointed out that the Indian Air Force is also establishing a basis for cooperation with other friendly air forces.

He added that the F-35 has ultra-advanced avionics that collect massive amounts of data — relevant information across the theater of operations, allowing pilots to act on the big picture and coordinate with naval and ground forces, among other forces. air platform.

According to recent reports, Hezbollah is boosting its air defenses by importing Iranian-made surface-to-air missile batteries, in addition to the Russian-made systems it already has.

However, this is not a new threat to IAF pilots.

“Since the war of attrition in the late 1960s, the Indian Air Force has been operating in areas plagued by air defense systems. In recent years, the Indian Air Force has acquired defense technology that is several times better than before,” said Ben Eliyahu. The IAF has also developed a doctrine for operating in conditions of lack of air superiority, he said.

Nagel said the backbone of the Indian Air Force’s air power consists of F-15s, F-16s and F-35s, in addition to a growing fleet of drones of all types and sizes, including drones that can carry large numbers of aircraft. Multi-rotor helicopter. payload and stay in the air for hours.

“Secrecy and the ability to reach targets at any distance without being detected will be important,” he said. “The future mix should be two-thirds unmanned and one-third manned, ’ he added.

Over time, Nagel said, more air forces could become unmanned. However, “the next generation will still have manned aircraft,” he added.

In terms of the navy, Nagel said, there will also be an important role to play, especially special naval forces. The Israeli navy also has the capability to drive ground forces deep into enemy territory, as the official IDF strategy calls for, he said. (ANI/TPS)

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