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World News | Imran Khan spends 5 times more on travel from home to office than shelter

World News | Imran Khan spends 5 times more on travel from home to office than shelter

PTI chief Imran Khan (file picture)

Islamabad [Pakistan]Feb 15 (ANI): The travel cost of Imran Khan from his residence (Banigara) to the prime minister’s office was more than five times higher than the total expenditure of Panahgahs (shelters), the project was revealed, documents show. Projects are expected to be trademarked to show how much he cares about the poor, according to International News.

According to documents, a total of 39 Ehsas Panahgahs have been established across the country under the supervision of the Pakistan Baitul Maal (PBM), News International reported. The program primarily focuses on providing quality services to the homeless, taking care of multiple aspects including healthcare, safe/secure living environment, hygienic food, etc. in a dignified manner.

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A total of 39 Ehsaas Panahgahs are in operation since the scheme was launched. So far, Rs 183.015 lakh has been used as of March FY22. In addition, PBM procured food vehicles to deliver food to donors. Since the launch of the ‘Ehsas Koi Bhooka na Soye’ scheme (EKBNS), 40 food vehicles have been put into service.

According to official documents, as of March 2022, Rs 16,108.8 lakh has been used. Imran Khan’s travel expenses to and from his residence and office cost the state treasury 984 crore rupees compared to welfare expenditures for the poor. Details of Imran Khan’s helicopter spending were released after the PDM government came to power, The Tribune reported.

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A document released by Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb in April 2022 showed former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s travel expenses amounted to Rs 472.36 crore. However, the maintenance cost of the helicopter exceeded the travel cost at Rs 511.995 million.

Documents show that Khan spent Rs 37.93 crore on travel from August 2018 to December 2018. Similarly, Khan’s travel expenses were Rs 131.94 million in 2019, Rs 143.55 million in 2020, Rs 123.8 million in 2021 and Rs 35.14 million in January-March 2022.

Apart from travel expenses, budget papers show that the electricity bill for the prime minister’s office and secretariat was only Rs 149.19 crore in 2018-19. (Arnie)

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