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World News | In latest crackdown on critics, Russia declares WWF ‘unwelcome’


Streaks of light seen in California. (Photo credit: Video Grab)

TALINN, June 21 (AP) — Russian authorities on Wednesday declared the World Wildlife Fund for Nature a bad organization, effectively banning it from operating in the country, the latest move to clamp down on dissent.

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office said the global organization, which promotes wildlife conservation and works to reduce human impact on the environment, encourages “covering the implementation of projects that pose a security threat to the economic sphere”. Russian news reports.

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“Under the pretext of protecting the environment, WWF is conducting activities aimed at preventing the country from implementing a political approach to industrial development in the Arctic and natural resources in the Arctic region,” the statement said.

Last month, environmental pressure group Greenpeace was forced to close its Russian chapter after Moscow declared it a bad organization.

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In recent years, Russia has methodically targeted individuals and organizations critical of the Kremlin, branding many as “foreign agents,” declaring some “persona non grata” and prosecuting those who discredit the Ukrainian military’s war. (Associated Press)

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