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WORLD NEWS | India ranks first among 110 countries on inclusive measures for religious minorities: report

WORLD NEWS | India ranks first among 110 countries on inclusive measures for religious minorities: report

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New Delhi [India]6th February (ANI): India ranks first out of 110 countries for its inclusion measures for religious minorities, according to Center for Policy Analysis’ (CPA) first-ever assessment of minorities globally, Australia Today reports .

The Center for Policy Analysis (CPA) is a research institute headquartered in Patna, India.

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Of the 110 countries, India is the most accepting of religious minorities, followed by South Korea, Japan, Panama and the United States. The Maldives, Afghanistan and Somalia were at the bottom of the list, with the UK and the UAE at 54th and 61st, respectively, the report said.

According to the CPA report, India’s minority policy is based on an approach that emphasizes diversity enhancement.

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The Indian Constitution contains specific and exclusive provisions to promote the cultural and educational advancement of religious minorities. According to the report, there is no explicit provision in any other constitution to promote linguistic and religious minorities.

The report highlights that, unlike many other countries, India has no restrictions on any religious denomination.

The UN may look to India’s minority policy as a model for other countries because the model is inclusive and does not discriminate against many religions and their sects. However, according to CPA reports, it has often failed to deliver the expected results due to numerous reports of conflict between majority and minority communities, particularly with the Muslim community, according to Australia Today.

The report highlights that India’s minority policies need to be reviewed and re-examined from time to time. According to “Australia Today”, it further stated that if India wants to save the country from conflict, it must rationalize its attitude towards ethnic minorities.

The Global Minority Report created by the CPA also aims to inform the international community of the prevalence of discrimination against minorities based on beliefs held in different countries.

The study also considered issues dealt with internationally by various religious groups and denominations. (Arnie)

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