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WORLD NEWS | India, Ukraine discuss Ukraine peace plan

WORLD NEWS | India, Ukraine discuss Ukraine peace plan

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Kyiv [Ukraine]Feb 22 (ANI): Ukrainian President’s Chief of Staff Andrei Yermak and Indian Prime Minister Ajit Kumar Doval’s National Security Adviser on Monday discussed the Ukraine Peace Plan, a ten-point peace package, Comprehensively answers the question of what needs to be done to end the war in a sustainable and just manner.

According to Yermak, Ukraine continued to fight on the battlefield, but at the same time presented a peace plan. According to the official website of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, the UN General Assembly will consider a draft resolution on February 23 supporting the principles of the UN Charter that form the basis of the peace program for Ukraine.

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The peace document is based on the fundamental principles of the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of states within internationally recognized borders.

“Cooperation with India is very important to us. We are confident that you will support our resolution because it contains very correct language on the inviolability of borders and territorial integrity. Our goal is transparent and clear: we do not demand that Russia One centimeter of our territory, we just want our territory back,” Yermak said in a phone conversation with Ajit Kumar Doval.

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Yermak informed his interlocutors about the current situation on the front, especially the extremely difficult defense of the city of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region.

“We know that Russia is preparing certain offensive operations, and we are preparing a response. The Russian military is very unmotivated, while the Ukrainian warriors have shown extraordinary bravery and resilience. We will not stop until we liberate all territories. We only need weapons” said the head of the presidential palace.

Andriy Yermak said Ukraine wanted the broadest possible support for its peace solution, especially from countries in the global south.

The head of the President’s Office emphasized the need to create a new and effective security system worldwide to replace the ineffective system in place until February 24, 2022.

“This resolution is crucial for us because it restores the world’s respect for international law and the UN Charter. It is very important to protect the territorial integrity of any country in the world to prevent any attempt by a country to occupy territory,” according to the Ukrainian president official website, Andriy Yermak emphasized.

Andriy Yermak believes that these principles are shared by India and most of the world.

Yermak said that Ukraine welcomes any move that has the opportunity to end the war and restore our country’s territorial integrity, but these moves should not be partial temporary solutions, such as a ceasefire, but the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory. Otherwise, peace will be unstable, which is unacceptable for Ukraine.

Andriy Yermak emphasized: “We absolutely believe that the war can and should end this year so that the anniversary of the start of the full-scale invasion will be the first and the last in our history.”

All parties agreed to maintain close contact ahead of the UNGA vote. (Arnie)

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