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WORLD NEWS | India very interesting market for us: German envoy Philipp Ackermann


Chandigarh (Punjab) [India]July 8 (ANI): Germany’s ambassador to India Philipp Ackermann said India’s economic growth and its “interesting market” present business opportunities for German companies.

Ackerman, on his first two-day visit starting Thursday, said India’s economic growth has been solid over the years and it is one of the very few countries that has achieved sustainable growth.

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In an exclusive interview with ANI, Ackman said: “India is a very interesting market for us. It’s a big market. It’s a growing market. Growth in India has been very solid over the years. Impressive growth.”

“It is one of the very few countries in the world that has achieved sustainable growth. Therefore, German companies are also increasingly given the opportunity to invest further in India. Now, Germany is by far Europe’s largest trading partner, after India. But I We believe that in the next few years we will see more investments by German companies here,” the German envoy said.

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He said that Germany welcomes students from India and more and more Indian students are coming to Germany. There are currently 35,000 students in Germany and 32,000 applicants at the embassy, ​​he said.

“We are getting more and more students coming to Germany. We have 35,000 students now. I still have 32,000 applications from my embassy. Quite a lot actually, unfortunately, we need a little time to process the applications. I know that some students may A bit frustrated because things didn’t go as fast as they expected, but I can tell you that in principle Indian students are very, very popular in Germany. German Universities are very keen to enroll Indian students. They have a great reputation in Germany and I Just hopefully, at that stage, maybe arguably, one should be very careful before engaging with agencies,” Ackerman told ANI.

The German envoy advises students to verify their documents by themselves. He said that 70% of Indian students come to Germany to study for a master’s degree because they are taught in English.

Ackerman said he can guarantee that Indians will find jobs in Germany quickly because once a student graduates in Germany, he or she has 12 months to find a job in Germany

Speaking about his visit to Chandigarh, Ackerman said the two days were full of meetings and appointments.

“I am now coming to the end of a two-day visit to Chandigarh which was full of meetings and appointments. Of course, the center of the visit was the meeting with the two Chief Ministers and the two Governors of Punjab, Haryana, said Ackerman.

On Thursday, Philip Ackerman met Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann and discussed many important issues. He tweeted: “Meet the German Ambassador to India @AmbAckermann at his residence today in Chandigarh and discussed many important issues…Talked about investments by German companies in Punjab and also about education Big ideas for the sector…particularly the emphasis on imparting skills to young people.”

In Chandigarh, the German ambassador said he spoke with the Chief Justice, visited the Parliament and spoke with the two Speakers – Speaker of Haryana and Speaker of Punjab, Chief Minister, then he visited Indian Business School. He ended up visiting Lalitkara College, Chandigarh.

He called his visit to Chandigarh a “very fulfilling and interesting visit”. He pointed out that Germany has a long tradition with Haryana and Punjab and has a lot of business in these two states.

“It was a very, very crowded, fun visit. Chandigarh is a great place. It’s green. It’s organized. I think everyone loves Chandigarh anyway. Germany with Harry The two states of Yana Pradesh and Punjab have a long tradition.

“We have a lot of business here. We have a lot of interesting modern business here. And we also have a growing Punjabi community in Germany. So there are a lot of things that need to be discussed with the dignitaries here, the political decision makers and the Punjabi political class” For me To say the least, it was a wonderful experience. It was actually a good two days,” Ackerman said.

Speaking about German operations in Punjab and Haryana, Philipp Ackermann said they are trying to invest in renewable energy here. He also spoke about Verbio, a German company that has set up a factory in Punjab.

“What we do is actually we try to invest in renewable energy here, try to be more sustainable and develop, there’s a big company here from Germany, Verbio has one in Punjab not far from here Factory, where they convert rice stubble, rice stubble, compressed biogas CBG to fuel cars, that’s a good start. A company that’s doing very well, they even want to open more stores in the area. So, I think It’s a good example of, you know, the private sector in Germany being sustainable,” Ackermann said. (Arnie)

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