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World News | Israeli discovery could revolutionize personalized medicine for infectious diseases


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Tel Aviv [Israel]July 9 (ANI/TPS): Israeli researchers have made a major discovery they say could open new doors for personalized medicine in the field of infectious diseases.

Infectious diseases occur when microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria or parasites invade the human body and multiply, destroying human cells. Traditionally, the medical community has studied the immune response to infectious disease as a collective. While personalized medicine has been applied to certain diseases such as cancer, its application to infectious diseases has been limited.

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However, a Tel Aviv University research team led by Prof. Irit Gat-Viks and Prof. Eran Bacharach has succeeded in classifying two key components of the immune response that occurs during severe infectious diseases. This classification is achieved through a combination of experimental techniques and computational tools.

The TAU team’s findings were recently published in the peer-reviewed journal Cell Systems.

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“In the general population, people respond differently to infection, so medical tools are needed to indicate how each individual responds to an infectious disease,” Gat-Viks said. “So far, there have only been very general indicators to characterize these diseases, Things like inflammatory markers, fever, urine tests, etc.”

Based on these metrics, the analysis of infection responses, which appeared to be fairly uniform, can actually be divided into distinct responses based on the new classification, she explained.

“We were able to look at the immune system’s response at high resolution and identify two main types of response: one where the immune system fights pathogens that enter the body, and one where the immune system fights pathogens that enter the body,” Bacharach explained in detail. Pathogens. Damage done to the body “post-battle” with pathogens is repaired. In our study, we used animal disease models, computational tools, and information collected from humans, markers that are indicators of the type of response to the pathogen .”

However, with this new development, researchers are optimistic about the possibility of providing individual patients with more effective treatments.

“Today, people who have extreme reactions to microbial infections such as viruses or bacteria lack adequate medical responses. We believe that through our research, doctors will be able to better diagnose patients’ conditions so that they can provide effective treatment and improve the chances of recovery.” opportunity,” Gait-Vickers said. (ANI/TPS)

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