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WORLD NEWS | Nice to have IAF with Mirage 2000s, has been doing great: Cobra Warrior exercise director

James Calvert, Exercise Director, Cobra Warrior (Photo/ANI)

Sahil Pandey

Lincolnshire [UK]March 22 (ANI): On Tuesday, Cobra Warrior UK’s Exercise Director Col James Calvert said it was fantastic that the Indian Air Force had the Mirage 2000 in this year’s edition and it excelled in all roles.

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“It’s fantastic that the Indian Air Force has the Mirage 2000 and has performed well in all roles,” Calvert told ANI here.

He also added that the Indian Air Force has been great and they fit into every role.

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“You have four fighters involved in the mission and those four fighters play a role. It doesn’t matter if they are Indian fighters, Belgian fighters, Finnish fighters or British fighters. If the missile reaches the target and blows it up, it is a An achievement. We’ve seen success across the board,” he added.

The Cobra Warrior exercise director mentioned that the UK would also welcome any future involvement of the IAF.

“The UK committed to strengthening its partnership with India at the end of last year. I think it will only get stronger, there are no commitments at the moment and we don’t know about future engagement. But for sure it is one we welcome and look forward to in the future things,” Calvert replied when asked about the IAF’s future involvement.

Calvert, who has been with Cobra Warrior since its inception, described, “The purpose of Cobra Warrior 23 is to invite participating countries to work with each other and with the UK to strengthen our integration and our alliances to ensure that if we Once acted together, we could do it from day one.”

An Indian Air Force contingent of around 100 Air Warriors is taking part in Exercise Cobra Warrior at RAF Waddington Air Force Base, UK.

The exercise is scheduled to take place from March 6-24, 2023. (ANI)

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