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WORLD NEWS | Nikki Haley’s husband begins Africa deployment as she campaigns for 2024 Republican nomination


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CHARLESTON (USA) June 17 (AP) – Nikki Haley’s husband deployed Saturday with the South Carolina Army National Guard to Africa on a year-long mission that will cover her 2024 campaign most of the remainder of the 2019 Republican presidential nomination.

“He’s been a rock for me,” she said after a deployment ceremony for about 200 troops at The Citadel at the Military Academy in Charleston. “We all live the life of the service, so when he goes to deploy, I have my full support. If I happen to run for president, he will have my full support. … We will continue to connect as best we can.”

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Maj. Michael Haley was deployed as staff officer of the 218th Mobile Augmentation Brigade, which the National Guard said was providing support in the Horn of Africa.

The UN, where Nikki Haley served as Donald Trump’s ambassador for two years, said the region was facing its worst drought in 40 years, with more than 43.3 million people in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya needing assistance, more than half of them those without access to enough food people.

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Less than $1 billion was raised for a high-level UN meeting last month, with organizers hoping to raise more than $5 billion to help more than 30 million people in the Horn of Africa cope with the climate crisis and mass displacement following years of conflict .

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has been highly critical of President Joe Biden’s performance as commander in chief. She has spoken out against his administration’s efforts to diversify the military, complaining that they weaken the force and hinder recruitment, although the Army says the real problem is that many young people don’t think enlisting is safe or a good career path.

She also pledged to cut $46 billion in foreign aid for countries she said “hate America.”

The candidate’s husband of 26 years, Michael Haley, has been a regular on his wife’s campaign since she became a White House candidate. During his deployment, the campaign said the couple’s college-aged son, Narin, would take over the role.

Nikki Haley often refers to her status as a military wife. Her husband, who joined the National Guard as an officer in 2006, first deployed overseas in January 2013, halfway through her first term as governor, and their children are 10 and 14.

“He made me a single-mom governor, but we’re still married,” Haley said at a recent campaign event in Greer, South Carolina. She went on to criticize the Biden administration’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021.

Citing the current deployment at a CNN town hall in Iowa this month, Haley called it “a year-long prayer that they work, they’re strong and they come home safe.”

She also cited her husband’s impending deployment amid Justice Department allegations against 2024 rival Trump for mishandling classified documents, including defense information.

Haley said on Fox News last week, arguing that “two things can be true at the same time,” and echoing the argument of many Republicans that “the Justice Department and the FBI have lost all credibility with the American people” and that “if this The indictment is yes, if what it says is true, President Trump has been reckless with our national security.”

“My husband is deploying this weekend,” Hayley continued. “If you’re going to talk about the capabilities of our military, or how we’re going to invade or do something with one of our enemies, that puts all of our service members at risk.”

On Saturday, Haley said her husband’s military service has in part shaped her views on foreign policy and military strategy.

“We don’t want to go in a way that puts our men and women at risk. They go because Africa is a hotbed,” Haley said. “We’ve always known that when our men and women go abroad, it’s to keep us safe at home.” (AP)

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