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World News | NTT Communication uses AI technology to create digital humans

World News | NTT Communication uses AI technology to create digital humans

NTT Communication uses AI technology to create digital humans

Tokyo [Japan]March 18 (ANI): Japanese company NTT Communications has presented its latest results in the form of a collaborative project called “Open Hub”.

The project aims to address issues such as workforce reduction, skills transfer and diversification of work styles.

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Since its inception in October 2021, Open Hub has grown into a group of 1,300 companies, 3,000 researchers and 400 NTT employees. They are called “catalysts”, which roughly translates to “connect people”.

With the help of digital human technology, NTT Com has developed a human-like face and talking avatar called “CONN”. She is Catalyst No. 401.

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CONN Catalyst said, “My name is CONN. The name is derived from the word ‘CONNECT’ which means a bridge connecting different people. Let it be a bridge connecting everyone. This is in line with the NTT Group’s vision and I am working on it It feels like it’s my destiny.”

Her face is composed of nine NTT Com catalysts. Her voice and movements are generated by artificial intelligence. Ms. Catalyst Conn will be appearing at events, shows, corporate receptions and clothing stores in the near future.

Seigo Tomatsu of NTT Com Open Hub said, “We created ‘CONN’, which adheres to a human-like appearance and movement, with a voice generated by artificial intelligence technology. Unlike the usual Metaverse avatars, it seeks to be more human Elements.”

The name is “Mobile Spatial Statistics”. On the display, the expansive landscape and interpretation of the place are reflected. Through the app, viewers can get daily demographics, gender, age and where they come from. Out of town? Out of town? Outside the province?

This data will be useful to various businesses. The fusion of virtual and real spaces is progressing. With virtual glass, people can obtain information about the virtual space through virtual images. Its avatar will navigate to real-world destinations.

Seigo Tomatsu of NTT Com Open Hub said: “Regarding the shrinking labor force, Japan and aging Asian countries have the same problem. It is not right to stop social development. Regarding the shrinking labor force, we should try to find solutions to increase productivity. Digital technology effectively; or, us humans. Humans can try to solve more complex and creative problems. I would like to solve various problems by sharing such a role.”

NTT Com’s Open Hub hopes to accelerate collaboration beyond borders that will contribute to building a better society. (Arnie)

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