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WORLD NEWS | PAKISTAN: Imran Khan issues 100 crore defamation notice to PIMS doctor for false claims about drug addiction


Prime Minister Narendra Modi (file photo/ANI)

Islamabad [Pakistan]May 31 (ANI): After issuing a defamation notice to Health Minister Abdul Kadir Patel, PTI chief Imran Khan has now also issued a similar notice of PKR 100 crore to doctor Dr Rizwan Taj Headed the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) medical committee which prepared and released the medical report on the former Prime Minister following his arrest.

The information shared in the report about the tests conducted after Imran’s May 9 arrest was “false, untrue, baseless and defamatory,” the notice said.

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It demanded that Dr. Taj pay PKR 10 billion in return for “making willful and malicious representations by compiling false medical reports of clients”.

The notice, dated May 30, also called on the doctor to issue a public apology to Imran in national and international media for the “damage to reputation” caused by the report.

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It warned that failure to do so within 14 days would result in legal action against the doctor, which could include proceedings under the Defamation Regulations 2002, criminal proceedings and prosecution against him to the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and other relevant bodies. appeal. forum.

“Disgraceful press conference by Union Health Minister Abdul Kadir Patel. JEM Pakistan has decided to take full legal action against the Minister of Health and his aides. JEM chairman Imran Khan has given permission to let National Bank’s Abdul Qadir Patel, doctor of the Ministry of Health and Pims Hospital brought to justice. Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman’s legal team led by barrister Abuzar Salman Niazi has started preparations. Abdul Qadir Patel The embarrassing press conference and baseless allegations will be dealt with under other laws, including defamation,” JEM tweeted earlier this week.

Citing details of former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s medical report on Friday, Pakistan’s Health Minister Abdul Kadir Patel said it indicated he drank excessively and there was no information about his broken leg, Geo News reported. information, and has a precarious mental health condition.

Patel was briefing reporters in Karachi on the former prime minister’s medical report after being checked at PIMS Hospital following his May 9 arrest.

At the start of the press conference, the health minister said it was a “public document” before sharing details of the report. He said the report did not contain any details about a broken foot in his foot, which Khan claims was broken after the Nov. 3 assassination.

“he [Imran Khan] He had a plaster cast on his foot for about five to six months, however, the medical reports did not show any fractures,” he added.

Urine samples were also taken from the head of the Pakistan Justice Movement (PTI), the minister said. He said initial reports indicated toxic elements and excessive use of alcohol and cocaine, Geo News reported.

Geo News is one of Pakistan’s leading media outlets, both online and on television.

The Pakistani health minister further stated that the report also referred to Khan’s mental health and that his behavior and body language were allegedly “not the behavior of a healthy person”.

“Reports indicate that mentally stable people do not make these gestures,” he said.

“I also used to say that Imran Khan’s mental condition is not good,” Patel said, adding that the PTI chief had put an end to political decency, political tolerance and respect for others. (Arnie)

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