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World News | Pakistan: Kidnapped journalist returns home 24 hours later


Karachi [Pakistan]July 10 (ANI): Senior journalist Syed Muhammad Askari was “picked up” from Karachi by police and plainclothes officers and returned home 24 hours later, Geo News reported on Monday. .

In another kidnapping of a journalist, Daily Jang’s senior reporter, Askari, was captured late Saturday night near the Qayyumabad KPT flyover on Korangi Road, Karachi.

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The reporter’s wife has filed an application with the Balochistan Colony Police Station, accusing the police and plainclothes officers of “kidnapping” her husband for unknown reasons and demanding his immediate release.

She further stated that the officers were in police vans and white vehicles with their faces covered, adding that they took her husband away without giving any reason at around 1.15am on Sunday.

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Asgari’s car was stopped by masked men on the way back from the ceremony. Asgari introduced himself to the staff and told them he was a reporter for Zhang Daily, but they beat him anyway and took him away.

When a friend of the reporter contacted the police helpline “Madadgar 15” and told about the incident, the police who received the call asked him to go to the relevant police station, according to International News.

SHO Rao Rafiq of the Zaman Township Police Station was informed of the incident but the police denied any knowledge of it. Korangi SSP Tariq Nawaz said information on the incident was being obtained. The family is demanding that the authorities retrieve Asgari immediately.

Officials from the Karachi Press Club, Karachi Journalists Union, Crime Journalists Association and Educational Journalists Association condemned the incident and demanded Asgari’s immediate recovery.

Likewise, the executive committee of the Sindh Council of Journalists and Other Media Practitioners convened an emergency meeting under the chairmanship of Chief Justice (retired) Rasheed A Razvi.

At the request of the Union of Journalists, committee members Fahim Siddiqui, Chairman of Union of Journalists Karachi, Dr. Tauseef Ahmad Khan, Professor, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), and the Council proposed an agenda for the meeting. Dr. Jabbar Khattak, Pakistan Newspaper Editor (CPNE).

The meeting expressed anger and concern over the frequent kidnapping of journalists.

Earlier, several journalists were arrested in similar fashion in Karachi. The latest such incident happened to Geo News reporter Zubair Anjum, who was taken from his residence in the Model Colony area of ​​Karachi last month, Geo News reported.

According to residents near Anjum, two police cars and a double cabin arrived at his home near Model Colony Junction and took him away.

The event happens in the same way as Askari. Wajahat Anjum, the victim’s brother, said police and plainclothes officers entered the home at gunpoint and that family members were also roughly treated during the incident. However, the motive behind the arrest remains unknown. However, Anjum returned home safe and sound a day after being adopted, according to GeoNews. (Arnie)

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