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World News | Pakistan: Nationalist parties threaten protests if govt implements digital census

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Hyderabad [Pakistan]Feb 19 (ANI): Pakistan’s various ethnic political parties have rejected the digital census, threatening protests if the federal government tries to impose it, Dawn newspaper reported.

The joint meeting was held at the invitation of Riaz Chandio, leader of the Jeay Sindh Mahaz-Riaz faction, and they adopted a joint statement.

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Leaders present at the meeting were Haider Shahani of the Sindh National Unity Party, Amir Tebow of the United Sindh Party, Altaf Haskeli of the Kwami People’s Movement Party, Nathan Jay of the Sindh Kwami Party. Vaz Zainl, Javed Rajpal of the People’s Workers Party and others.

Chandio, who chaired the meeting, told reporters that the digital census is unconstitutional, illegal and anti-Sindhi. According to Dawn, he said their meeting rejected the census and its methods, while expressing concerns about it.

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He further stated that the census is scheduled for 2027 and thus conflicts with the decision of the Committee of Common Interests (CCI).

He criticized the Sindhi government for agreeing to the census and demanded that the government stop it, or nationalists would start a movement.

He said that according to the CCI’s decision, the census will be conducted in the few areas where complaints were lodged.

He said Rs 5,000 crore was allocated to the digital census, which is not monitored by a third party and will not display the list, Dawn reported.

Earlier, the People’s Justice Party organized a rally against the government’s plan to conduct a digital census in the country. The party is asking the provincial government to ban illegal immigrants from buying land.

Many people attended the rally, including women, students, lawyers and writers.

Beginning at Regal Chowk in Sardar, the rally culminated outside Karachi Press Club, including Lal Jawar, Noor Ahmed Katiar, Hoorunissa Palijo, defense lawyer Sajid Husain Mahesar, Abdul Qadir Ranto, Subhani Dahiri, Dr Dildar Leghari, Atif Malah, Sajida at AT leaders from all over the country gathered here Parhiyar, advocates Idris Leghari, Haji Khan Samoo and others addressed attendees.

Several resolutions were also passed at the meeting.

They demanded provincial autonomy under the historic 1940 Pakistan Resolution and urged the Sindh provincial government to pass legislation to ban illegal immigrants from buying and selling land and plots in Sindh, Dawn newspaper reported. (Arnie)

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