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WORLD NEWS | Panama suspends migrant transfers after bus accident

WORLD NEWS | Panama suspends migrant transfers after bus accident

PANAMA CITY, Feb. 27 (AP) — The Panamanian government on Sunday suspended bus service moving migrants from the dangerous Darien Gap region to the north of the country after two serious accidents involving the vehicles.

Panama’s immigration agency said no further travel would be made until transit authorities had reviewed the bus lines and made sure they were safe.

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In the latest incident on Saturday, a bus carrying migrants caught fire and no one was killed. All passengers were safely evacuated.

But earlier this month, more than three dozen migrants were killed when a bus fell off a hillside. Most of the dead are believed to be migrants from Ecuador, Haiti and Venezuela.

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Migrants often cross the roadless, jungle-covered Darien Canyon between Colombia and Panama to reach Panama. Panamanian authorities estimate that more than 250,000 migrants made the dangerous overland crossing in 2020, while a further 37,000 are believed to have made the trip so far this year.

Panama often allows migrants to travel to its border with Costa Rica, where migrants typically try to cross Central America and Mexico to reach the southwestern U.S. border. (Associated Press)

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