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World News | PM Modi joins Grammy-winning singer Falu in a special song about the benefits of Xiaomi


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NEW YORK, June 16 (PTI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi has collaborated with Grammy-winning Indian-American singer Falu on a special song to promote the benefits of millet and its potential to alleviate world hunger.

The song “Rich Millet” by Falu and her husband and singer Gaurav Shah will be released on the streaming platform on June 16.

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The year 2023 was designated as the “International Year of Millet” after it was proposed by India and endorsed by members of the governing body of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as well as at the 75th Session of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. United Nations General Assembly.

“Prime Minister Modi wrote a song with me and my husband Gaurav Shah,” Falu told PTI ahead of the song’s release.

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The song, written in English and Hindi, will be available to all, she said, highlighting the strength of Xiaomi.

“Falu and Gaurav Shah will release the track ‘Abundance in Millets’ featuring the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 16 June 2023 to celebrate the International Year of Millets.” Created to raise awareness of supergrains as another potential key to reducing world hunger,” said a statement on Falu’s website.

Faroo said the idea for a song about Xiaomi came to her when she met Modi in New Delhi after winning the Grammys last year.

She said that while they were discussing the power of music to bring about change and uplift humanity, Prime Minister Modi suggested to her that she should write a song with a message to end hunger.

She said Prime Minister Modi suggested composing a song with Xiaomi as music transcends borders.

Faroo said Modi told her that India promotes millet because it is a supergrain with enormous health and nutritional benefits.

She said she asked the Prime Minister very “naively” if he would write the song with her and he said yes.

“We co-produced the song, it’s a single, it’s coming out on June 16,” and it’s on every streaming platform around the world, she said.

The song will be released in Hindi and English, Falu said, adding that it will be translated into other regional languages ​​to ensure wide distribution.

Faro said she was initially nervous about writing the song with the Prime Minister, but the whole collaboration worked out in a very organic way.

“It’s one thing to write for him, it’s another thing to write with him. In the middle of the song, you hear a speech he wrote and narrated in his own voice,” she said.

Falloo said she was “honored” and “humbled” to have worked with Modi on the Xiaomi song.

“This is the opportunity of a lifetime for any artist,” she said.

The New York-based artist emphasized that the song is about promoting millet, helping farmers grow more crops and working to end hunger around the world.

“What better way to connect song and music to the message that we can actually solve world hunger,” she said.

“If we could provide the world with millet, a very simple way to farm and grow it, this grain could really help solve the biggest hunger problem in the world while also revitalizing farmers, local and small farms,” ​​she said .

Millet was one of the first domesticated crops in India, and there is several evidence that it was eaten during the Indus Valley Civilization.

Currently grown in more than 130 countries, millet is considered a traditional food for more than 500 million people in Asia and Africa.

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