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World News | Protests outside Chinese ‘police station’ in New York over alleged espionage

World News | Protests outside Chinese ‘police station’ in New York over alleged espionage

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New York [US]Feb. 27 (ANI): More than 50 protesters gathered outside a building housing a Chinese “police station” accused of spying on dissidents in New York’s Chinese community, the New York Post reported.

Protesters gathered Saturday outside 107 East Broadway, where the Changle Association, a nonprofit, operates a “service station” above the noodle shop.

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“This is a very serious problem in the Chinese community,” said Cai Dongni, one of the protesters, adding that the CCP, through American and Asian American politicians, severely coerces people from China and has a huge influence over them in the state.

According to the New York Post, dozens of demonstrators protested outside a Chinatown building that houses a foreign police station that has been accused of harassing and spying on Chinese nationals in the city.

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Tsai is a pro-democracy activist who has been imprisoned twice in China by the Chinese Communist Party for advocating free speech. He told the Post that he immigrated to the United States in 2000.

He added: “I’m very concerned, but I want to support community leaders who are honest and openly against what the CCP is doing.”

Meanwhile, Jing Zhang, founder and executive director of the China Women’s Rights Group, echoed the same sentiments when she joined protesters outside the building in lower Manhattan. “People need to support each other,” she said. “We are all here to be free.”

Earlier, FBI counterintelligence agents raided the office building in New York. According to the New York Post, the Chinese police department is operating with the help of an American charity that is blacklisted by the IRS.

In May, the IRS revoked the group’s tax-exempt status after failing to file tax returns for three straight years, public records show, according to the New York Post.

The nonprofit, which launched in New York in 2013 and listed its philanthropic mission as a “social gathering place for Fujianese,” paid $1.3 million three years later for an office that houses the Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau of the Fuzhou police. , the record display.

The stations also reportedly engage in “intimidation, harassment, detention or imprisonment” to monitor dissidents and deport migrants to China.

“We Chinese are very angry at the appeasement policy of the local government,” said Quim Jiu, who participated in the protest with his daughter Zhao Yueyim. “They let the CCP suppress freedom and human rights activities. We hope that local governments will adopt a high-pressure policy against CCP agents.”

“Chinese agents are everywhere,” said Huang Ziyun, who was also at Saturday’s protest.

Last year, New York City Mayor Eric Adams was guest of honor at a dinner sponsored by the charity that runs the Chinatown Police Department, according to The Post.

“Chinese agents are everywhere,” said Huang Ziyun, who was also at Saturday’s protest. “When all human rights groups protest and demonstrate, the CCP will come to harass the people.

“The CCP has greatly influenced ordinary Chinese Americans,” Huang continued. “The party is always on their minds. Everything they do is psychological. The CCP is like the weather to the Chinese — they are always behind the scenes,” he added. (Arnie)

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