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Thursday, June 1, 2023

World News Takes Guitar God’s Place On “Wrapped In Gold”

Vocals/guitarist Alex Evans brings Mark Knopfler-esque virtuosity to this song, but his brothers Rory (bass) and Malte Henning (drums) are also great musicians. They have what it takes to be the most powerful trio since The Cop.

“‘Wrapped In Gold’ challenges the often false association people have with the exclusivity of material things and happiness,” Evans said. “We’re not there yet, but who cares because the grass isn’t always greener, it’s just different.”

In case you missed it, World News’ debut EP of 2020 work and money is a fabulous collection. The title track’s layered guitar melody draws you in immediately. “Lend Me Your Brain” is another melodic gem, while “Higher Life” packs a magical vibe in less than two minutes.

Most recently, the group’s 2022 single “I Don’t Like Your Perfume” echoes The Clash. Their holiday song “Xmas 101” is a guitar stand-in for Mariah Carey and George Michael’s Christmas standards.

Evans added: “Musically, we took a bunch of ideas from the 80s and some really random ones, like church harmonies, a YouTube mid-century party mix, and the familiar mandolin sound from that REM song. ”

Most importantly, World News is a real band with real talent, not some posers hiding behind synthesizers and digital gimmicks. You can imagine them performing as well as Nik Kershaw and Dire Straits on the Live Aid stage in 1985.

It’s been a long time since we added anyone to the pantheon of guitar gods. John Mayer was arguably the last to join, but Alex Evans may soon enter the club. “Wrapped In Gold” is just the first of many great singles the band will be releasing in 2023.

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