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World News | Taliban banning women from working for NGOs in Afghanistan ‘self-defeating’: OIC

World News | Taliban banning women from working for NGOs in Afghanistan ‘self-defeating’: OIC

Jeddah [Saudi Arabia]Dec 26 (ANI): Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Secretary-General Hossein Brahim Taha on Sunday expressed his “intensification” of the Taliban’s order banning women from working in all local and foreign non-government organizations (NGOs). concerns” of Afghanistan. Taha described the ban on women working for national and international NGOs as “self-defeating” and “harmful to the interests of the Afghan people,” according to a tweet posted by the OIC.

In a tweet, the OIC said, “#OIC Secretary-General HE #Hissein_Brhim_Taha has expressed his concern over the reported ban, which comes on the heels of a ban a few days ago that banned #Afghan women and #girls from entering universities. “

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In a series of tweets, OIC secretary-general Hossein Brahim Taha stressed that the decision showed the Taliban’s “deliberate policy” to further affect women’s rights in Afghanistan. Taha urged the Taliban to revisit its decisions on the integration of women and the uninterrupted continuation of its humanitarian work in Afghanistan.

In another tweet, the OIC said, “HE Taha stated that this move reflects a deliberate policy by the de facto leadership, clearly seeking to further influence the rights of #Afghan #women.” He noted that this puzzling decision Not only will it deprive Afghan #women of their rights. Source of livelihood, it will severely impact #humanitarian and relief operations for vulnerable #Afghan communities by a broad network of national and international NGOs.”

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“The #OIC Secretary-General views banning #women from working for national and international NGOs as self-defeating and detrimental to the interests of the people of #Afghan and strongly calls on de facto authorities to reconsider this decision for the sake of social inclusion. #women and # The uninterrupted continuation of the international #humanitarian safety net that Afghanistan desperately needs,” the OIC said in another tweet.

Earlier, Qatar expressed “deep concern” over the Taliban’s decision to ban female employees from working with NGOs. In a statement, Qatar’s foreign ministry called on the Taliban to review its decision to allow women to take up the various jobs offered to them in the organisation.

Qatar’s foreign ministry stressed the need to “respect women’s right to work” and stressed that the freedom to choose and accept work was a “human right”. In a statement, the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that their position is to support all classes of people in Afghanistan in obtaining all rights, including the right to work.

“The State of Qatar calls on the caretaker government to revisit its decision to enable women to take up the various jobs they can in organizations to help distribute and flow humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan,” Qatar’s foreign ministry said in a statement. .

On Saturday, the Taliban ordered all local and foreign NGOs to prevent female employees from coming to work in the country, Tolo News reported. The Taliban ordered all national and international NGOs to suspend their female employees until further notice, Tolo News reported. Days earlier, the Taliban had ordered the closure of colleges for female students across the country. (Arnie)

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