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World News | Tibetan refugees trapped between China and Nepal: report

World News | Tibetan refugees trapped between China and Nepal: report

Kathmandu [Nepal], Jan 29 (ANI): Tibetans are hesitant to settle in Nepal due to state discrimination. According to EPardafas, Tibetan refugees in Nepal are caught between China and the Nepalese state, both of which are determined to prevent them from crossing the border.

It also has implications for refugees who want to come to India.

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According to the EPardafas report, the number of Tibetans arriving in Nepal has dropped significantly. Before 2008, it used to average 2,000 per year. Since then, that number has dropped to 200 a year. An estimated 4,000 to 9,000 Tibetan refugees (75 percent of the population) currently live in Nepal without identity cards.

Tibetans are therefore unable to apply for professional work or travel freely without proper documentation. This makes an already vulnerable population more vulnerable to exploitation, reports EPardafas.

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Tibetan refugees in Nepal are basically stateless. It’s as if they don’t exist legally, which is exactly what China wants. According to EPardafas, the top priority of China’s relations with Nepal is to control and suppress the Tibetan refugee community, as Nepal has the largest Tibetan refugee community in the world after India.

As early as 2002, Nepal began to face pressure from China over Tibetans, Amish Raj Mulmi said in her recent book All Roads Lead North. Nepal cancels Dalai Lama’s birthday celebrations for the first time.

Mulmi also documented incidents in 2003, when Chinese military officers actually crossed into Nepalese territory and shot at American climbers they believed to be Tibetans fleeing Tibet, and in 2006, when Chinese guards shot and killed a 17-year-old , a Tibetan, was among 76 people who tried to cross the border, according to reports from EPardafas.

The Epadafas report said that over the years, China has infiltrated Nepalese society to such an extent that the Chinese even knew the details of Tibetan activities before the Nepalese police. China instructed Nepalese authorities on how to handle events and rallies in Tibet, informing them of the number of personnel to be deployed and the policing techniques to be employed.

Under pressure from China, successive governments in Nepal have repressed the Tibetan refugee population in a number of ways. This includes cracking down on peaceful demonstrations and limiting or banning celebrations of Tibetan culture and festivals. Police in Nepal are trained to prevent Tibetan gatherings.

Recently, Tibet Press reported that the COVID-19 pandemic has made life difficult for Tibetans. The Chinese government’s anti-epidemic policy has led to severe and unreasonable measures that seriously endanger the lives of Tibetan people.

On August 7, 2022, a new crown epidemic broke out in Tibet, followed by a sudden blockade. According to Tibet Press, Radio Free Asia has learned that Chinese authorities in Tibet have banned taking photos or videos at local cemeteries to prevent news of the rising death toll from the new crown pneumonia in the region from spreading to the outside world.

According to local sources, between 15 and 20 remains are now being transported daily to a cemetery in Drikung, TAR, and other cemeteries in Lhasa city. (Arnie)

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