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World News | Two rival military superpowers stand with India as allies: Pak Daily


Islamabad [Pakistan]Jan 15 (ANI): As the world eyes a potential third world war in the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine, two superpowers, the United States and Russia, are taking sides with India, Pakistan’s leading national daily, The Express, reports. Together as a forum of allies.

“If this isn’t a diplomatic coup, what is?” Shahzad Chaudhry, a prominent political, security and defense analyst from Pakistan, said in an op-ed.

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It is worth noting that Pakistan is the main non-NATO ally of the United States.

However, amid China’s assertiveness, the India-US bilateral relationship has developed into a “global strategic partnership” based on shared democratic values ​​and increasingly converging interests on bilateral, regional and global issues.

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“India is closely related to the world, not only in its size and girth, but also in its footprint and what is important to the world. Russia is sanctioned by the United States, and no one can trade freely with Russia except India, which buys on favorable terms Russian oil, and then re-export it to help an old patron earn dollars in an indirect way. The world’s two rival military superpowers claim India as its ally,” Choudhury wrote in his column.

India has sought to carve out a middle path between Moscow and its Western critics since the Ukraine conflict erupted, and has so far resisted Western pressure to sever economic ties with the Kremlin.

Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has clearly expressed India’s decision to continue buying Russian oil on multiple platforms. Recently, Jaishankar said that Prime Minister Modi’s advice on this issue is to do what is best for the country. “Petrol prices have doubled due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. We are under pressure from where to buy oil, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the government feel we have to do what is best for our country,” EAM said.

Praising India, Chowdhury wrote: “If I were Henry Kissinger, I would write a treatise ‘on India’. The fate of India as a nation and a nation playing a role primarily in Asia and on the global stage There’s been a huge change.”

He praised New Delhi for having a “coherent and functional polity” that Pakistan has lacked since its inception, “India is one of the top producers of agricultural products and IT industries. Their agriculture yields per acre are among the best in the world. Although it is A country of over 1.4 billion people, it remains a relatively stable, coherent, and well-functioning polity. Their system of governance has stood the test of time and demonstrated that it revolves around fundamental principles that are essential to a resolute democracy toughness.”

Regarding Saudi Arabia, Pakistan’s all-weather ally, turning to India, he said, “Pakistan’s brother and sister Saudi Arabia has announced an investment of over $72 billion in India, even though we begged her to invest $7 billion in Pakistan.”

He said India had defeated Pakistan politically by scrapping Article 370 of Kashmir’s constitution, giving the region special status, even if it was not disputed.

India’s expanding global influence is evident as it is invited to join the G7 and is a member of the G20. It is leading a movement in the global South to represent what is at stake for equitable progress in a time of climate change, pandemics, and technological invasion. It has a blueprint for establishing its own domain in foreign policy, and it has worked tirelessly to stick to it.

He further suggested that Pakistan “readjust its policy towards India” by “breaking the norm” and “transforming geoeconomics into strategy”, otherwise Pakistan “may become a footnote in history”. (Arnie)

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