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World News | U.S. wary of Chinese proposal to end Ukraine war


Russia’s offensive on Ukraine continues near the front-line town of Bakhmut. (Image source – Reuters)

washington [US]Feb. 27 (ANI): The U.S. is reportedly wary of Chinese proposals to end the war in Ukraine, as Beijing is offering a false path to peace, weighing arms sales to Russia and showing antagonism to the democratic world growing will. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL).

Beijing is offering a false path to peace, weighing arms sales to Russia and demonstrating a growing willingness to confront the democratic world.

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Released by China on February 24, to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion, the 12-point proposal calls on the West to end sanctions on Moscow, establish humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians, ensure normal exports of Ukrainian grain, security guarantees from Russia, and call for opposition Use of nuclear weapons, RFE/RL reports.

The 12-point proposal proposes a gradual de-escalation of hostilities to pave the way for peace negotiations.

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But China’s call for a truce between Russia and Ukraine was quickly scrutinized as it appeared to reiterate Beijing’s stance that the West was fueling the conflict, while appearing to give Moscow a reprieve, RFE/RL reported.

“Beijing is using this paper to speak to a global audience,” Raffaello Pantucci, a senior fellow at the Rajaratnam Institute of International Studies in Singapore, told RFE/RL.

“But if China is going to be serious about pushing for peace, they have to tell Moscow what they don’t want to hear, and there’s no evidence (Beijing) ever told Russia to back off — either behind the scenes or on camera.”

The proposal also included language that appeared to be aimed at the West, including a call for an end to the “Cold War mentality” of conflict and a warning against “expanding military blocs,” a term China’s foreign ministry has used in the past to refer to what it sees as Washington meddling in other countries’ affairs and The development of the NATO military alliance.

Another senior EU official told RFE/RL that the proposal should be seen in the context of China’s quest to become a “leader and peace promoter in the ‘global south'”, adding that “Europe is not being” initiated by China.

China’s call for a truce comes a year after Beijing sought to present itself as a neutral party in the war – rejecting Western attempts to get China to condemn Russia’s war in Ukraine, RFE/RL reported.

Throughout the war, while deepening its cooperation with Moscow, Beijing was careful to avoid any bold moves to help Russia that might provoke a backlash in the West. This includes providing Russia with significant economic and diplomatic support, such as buying Russian energy, and repeating Moscow’s narrative of the war in its media and in international forums such as the United Nations.

On February 23, Beijing also abstained for the fourth time in a UN vote calling for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.

Meanwhile, reactions to the proposal have ranged from criticism to silence, RFE/RL reported.

Shortly after the document was released, US national security adviser Jack Sullivan dismissed much of the proposal in an interview with CNN, saying it could have “stopped at point one, respect for the sovereignty of all nations”.

“Ukraine did not attack Russia. NATO did not attack Russia. The United States did not attack Russia,” he added. “Russia’s goal in the war was to wipe Ukraine off the map and annex it to Russia.”

The Chinese newspaper also appeared amid heightened tensions between Beijing and Washington and accusations that China was considering supplying Russia with military equipment.

U.S. officials have made that claim several times recently, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that Washington is considering releasing intelligence on the alleged arms transfer.

In a report published on February 23, German magazine Der Spiegel also cited unnamed sources as saying Moscow was in talks with a Chinese company for the supply of a large number of attack drones.

Chinese officials did not comment on the Der Spiegel report, but strongly refuted the U.S. claims. Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, “The U.S. has no right to accuse China or instruct China, and we will never accept (U.S.) criticism of China-Russia relations. ” (Arnie)

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