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WORLD NEWS | UAE: ADIHEX, the global platform to revolutionize falcon technology


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Abu Dhabi [UAE]28th May (ANI/WAM): Over the years, the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX) has offered thousands of visitors endless opportunities to promote sustainable hunting as well as UAE and international falcon breeding companies .

UAE falconers and tourists from GCC countries and around the world flock to ADIHEX like a bird of a feather to buy elite captive-bred falcons from local and international farms.

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Launched in 2003, the show is dedicated to elevating the global falcon farming industry. Many falconers and experts attribute the success of captive falcons for falconry practice to ADIHEX, as well as its significant increase in the number of production centers and the development of the industry.

The 19th edition (ADIHEX 2022) saw the most expensive falcon auction in its history, with the US-produced ‘Pure Gyre – Ultra White’ fetching more than AED1 million (approximately US$275,000) at the falcon auction The price is sold as part of the exhibition program of events, held annually.

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ADIHEX has become the world’s leading platform for showcasing the best of Abu Dhabi’s captive falcons. In the past, falconers from the UAE and the region often traveled abroad to purchase falcons from private farms in Europe and America. However, the exhibition now provides them with an ideal international platform in Abu Dhabi to buy and sell the highest quality falcons from the world’s top falcon farms.

The resounding success of the previous auction represents an important step forward for the Falconry Auction and Beauty Contest with surprises and additions to come, according to the ADIHEX Senior Organizing Committee, which is ramping up preparations for the next auction.

Promising more opportunities and products, the 20th edition of ADIHEX, scheduled for 23-29 August 2023, is organized by Abu Dhabi Environment Agency, International Houbara Conservation Foundation (IFHC) and Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC) where the event occurred. This year’s industry partner will be Caracal International LLC, with industry partners including Mohamed bin Zayed Raptor Conservation Fund, UAE Equestrian and Horse Racing Federation, European Falconry and Conservation Foundation, International Falconry and Raptor Conservation Society, Dubai International Horse Show and Game Fair – France, while the official car partner will be ARB Emirates.

The Falconry Auction is one of the most attractive events at the show for falconry enthusiasts and enthusiasts. It is considered for the companies involved in the falconry industry and the owners of falconry farms and centers that produce the highest quality falcons. It is a precious opportunity.

The falconry production industry and its supply is growing significantly due to the huge demand from falcon breeders in the Bay Area to acquire the best captive falcons to practice their hobby and prepare to compete in major competitions and obtain senior positions.

In 1989, President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan directed to benefit from the sustainable use of captive falcons and reduce pressure on endangered wild falcons. Over the years, Abu Dhabi has established a number of programs in and outside the UAE that have successfully bred thousands of falcons in captivity, including falcon farms in the UK and many European countries. Also, proper methods have been developed to train them for hunting by professional teams.

In addition, Abu Dhabi supports genetic research and research on falcons, through a collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Advisory Group, Cardiff University and the Genome Institute in Beijing, to determine the genetic makeup of the Eurasian Saker and Peregrine Falcon, and to identify Genes related to the feather color of gyrfalcons, and using DNA features to select individuals from wild falcons and study their viability in Mongolia, and also found the whole genome map of peregrine falcons and falcons.

The breeding of captive falcons represents a true revolution in falconry and sustainability and the revival of this true legacy. In the Middle East, the use of captive falconry has become common in the Gulf countries.

In fact, using captive falcons for falconry can help relieve pressure on wild falcons and increase their numbers. Abu Dhabi’s research and scientific efforts are also helping to improve the species of falcons produced, making them more immune to fungi and diseases. In addition, Abu Dhabi is committed to producing select types characterized by their unique hunting and aesthetic qualities.

ADIHEX has succeeded in promoting the idea that alternative captive falcons have demonstrated their high hunting ability and are no less efficient or different than wild falcons, provided they are properly cared for and based on sound principles to train. Some falconers have been looking for wild-caught birds rather than captive-raised birds because of the false belief that falcons are better hunters, despite the lack of any scientific evidence to support this belief.

The Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition has played a major role in the transition of falconers in the region to almost exclusively captive falconry, a sport deeply rooted in Emirati tradition, expanding the establishment of falconry around the world. Falcon farms to meet the growing demand for falconry training. (ANI/WAM)

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