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World News | UK announces new sanctions against Russia targeting 86 individuals and entities


British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley. (Image source – Twitter)

London [UK]May 19 (ANI): The United Kingdom on Friday announced new sanctions against Russia targeting 86 individuals and entities over the theft of Ukrainian food, advanced military technology and remaining sources of income.

“The UK today (Friday 19 May) announced a new wave of sanctions against Russia, targeting businesses and individuals linked to Russia’s ability to finance and wage war,” read a press release from the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office road.

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The 86 charges target individuals and organizations linked to Russia’s energy, metals, defence, transport and finance sectors – adding to the pressure on Putin’s remaining income and seeking to use these sectors to prop up the military machine.

Britain is taking new action against Russia’s energy sector – building on a ban on imports of Russian coal, oil and liquefied natural gas – by introducing the designation of nine organizations linked to Russia’s state-owned nuclear energy company Rosatom, which has been linked to Putin’s war effort.

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“This includes UMATEX, which produces carbon fiber-based composites for Rosatom that can be used for military purposes, and TRINITI, whose laser physics research and development is directly funded by the Russian Federation’s defense order. TRINITI’s lasers have been installed on tank chassis with the aim of enabling The aircraft’s optics dazzle and interfere with precision weapons,” the release added.

Oleg Romanenko, the main official of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant colluding with the Russian government, the operator of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, 13 members of the board of directors of Gazprom, and 5 members of the board of directors of Gazprom were also designated.

Igor Altushkin, the billionaire oligarch who owns the Russian copper company, has been sanctioned. As Russia’s third-largest copper producer, Altushkin and his business continue to play a key role in areas of strategic importance to Putin’s military machine.

Eight other companies linked to Russian metal production were also sanctioned, and the UK announced that we would also ban imports of Russian metals, including aluminium, nickel and copper.

Together, the actions have increased pressure on Russia’s metals industry, which remains a vital source of revenue to fund the Kremlin’s war machine, and has broader implications for operations in other sectors such as transport and energy.

Twenty-four individuals and entities associated with Russian transport services were also sanctioned.

“This includes Pawell Shipping Co LLP, the State Grain Corporation (GZO) and its director, Nikita Busel, who have been linked to the systematic theft of grain in Ukraine. This grain and other agricultural products have reportedly been temporarily stolen from warehouses and fields. Occupied Ukrainian territory and shipped from Zaporizhzhia – labeled as Russian goods,” the release added.

Six major Russian shipping companies that support Putin’s wartime economy have also been sanctioned.

This includes Sun Ship Management, an entity linked to Russia’s largest state-owned shipping company, Sovcomflot, which supports Russia in circumventing or undermining the impact of Western sanctions.

As part of today’s sanctions, 20 defense executives and companies were sanctioned — further targeting individuals and organizations that support Russia’s continued military activities in Russia by equipping the Russian Armed Forces and the Wagner Group.

Those sanctioned include: Alan Valerievich Lushinkov and Vladimir Nikolaevich Lepin, both directors of JSC Concern Kalashnikov, which produces 95% of all firearms in Russia

JSC BMZ produces anti-personnel and anti-tank mines used by the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine, and JSC Motovilikhinskiye is a minority subsidiary of the Russian defense group Rostec, which produces howitzers used by the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine

Five financial institutions were also sanctioned as part of today’s package of sanctions – further isolating Russia from the global financial system and weakening Putin’s military capabilities. This includes JSC Dom RF, which operates at the direction of the Russian government, and the Metallurgical Investment Bank, which supports Russian industrial exports.

“Putin will pay for his illegal invasion of Ukraine. Today we are ramping up economic pressure – on Russia’s remaining sources of income from stealing Ukrainian food and supporting its military machine,” said British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly wrote on Twitter.

These designations follow Japanese Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s announcement of a new import ban on Russian diamonds and metals at the G7 meeting in Japan earlier today.

“This includes crackdowns on shady individuals and entities linked to the theft and resale of Ukrainian grain, as well as targeting major Russian energy and arms transport companies,” the release added.

Sanctions on Russia include companies linked to the theft of Ukrainian grain and companies involved in Russian energy shipments, as well as companies linked to Rosatom’s support for Putin’s military efforts.

“Companies associated with Rosatom that produce advanced materials and technologies, including lasers, have also been sanctioned,” the release added.

Foreign Secretary Cleverley also announced that, under British law, Russia’s sovereign assets under its jurisdiction would remain untouched until Russia agreed to pay compensation for the damage it caused to Ukraine.

The new sanctions came as the prime minister met his counterparts at the G7 summit in Japan and held talks on long-term support for Ukraine’s defense and joint action against Russia’s malign activities.

By combining these designations with a new import ban on Russian diamonds and metals, the UK is working with international partners to further limit Russia’s ability to wage illegal wars, increase economic pressure, and tackle all emerging forms of circumvention until Ukraine wins, added release.

“We will continue to increase pressure and combat all emerging forms of circumvention until Ukraine wins and peace is secured. Our support for Ukraine is and will remain strong for as long as needed,” Cleverly said. (Arnie)

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