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World News | US court approves extradition of 26/11 attack accused Pakistani-Canadian Tahawwur Rana to India


Streaks of light seen in California. (Image source: video capture)

WASHINGTON, May 17 (PTI) — A US court has granted India’s request through the US government for the extradition to India of Pakistani-Canadian businessman Tahawwur Rana, who is claimed to be involved in the 2008 Mumbai terror attack.

On June 10, 2020, India lodged a complaint seeking the provisional arrest of Rana, 62, for extradition purposes. The Biden administration supported and approved Rana’s extradition to India.

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“The court reviewed and considered all documents filed in support of and against the motion, and considered the arguments presented at the hearing,” said Judge Jacqueline Schooljian of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, in a dated Wednesday release. in a 48-page court order dated May 16.

“Based on such examination and consideration, and the reasons discussed herein, the court finds as follows and certifies to the Secretary of State that Rana is extraditable for the alleged offenses that are the subject of the request,” the judge wrote.

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Rana was arrested in the United States at the request of India for his role in the attacks.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) of India is investigating his role in the 26/11 attack by Lashkar Lashkar terrorists in Pakistan in 2008. The NIA said it was ready to initiate proceedings, through diplomatic channels.

At the court hearing, U.S. government attorneys argued that Rana knew his childhood friend, Pakistani-American David Coleman Headley, was involved with Lashkarta (LeT) and that by assisting Headley and To provide cover for his activities, he supports terrorist organizations and their associates.

Rana knew of the meeting at Headley, what was discussed, and the plan for the attack, including some of the targets. The U.S. government asserts that Rana was part of a conspiracy and that he may have committed substantive crimes to commit terrorist acts.

Rana’s lawyers, on the other hand, opposed extradition.

In the Mumbai terrorist attack in 2008, a total of 166 people were killed, including 6 Americans, and 10 Pakistani terrorists carried out a siege of more than 60 hours in iconic and important places in Mumbai, attacking and killing people.

Because the members of the conspirators committed the acts leading to death, committed the acts with intent to cause death, or at least committed them with knowledge of their imminent danger, there was sufficient evidence to show that the elements of murder would be met, federal prosecutors said.

There is an extradition treaty between India and the United States. The judge ruled that Rana’s extradition to India fell entirely within treaty jurisdiction.

The judge said India had issued an arrest warrant and charged Rana with the following offenses that the United States is dealing with: (a) conspiracy to wage war, murder, forgery of documents for deceptive purposes, use of them as genuine forged documents or electronic records, and Committing an act of terrorism (b) waging war, (d) murder, (e) committing an act of terrorism and (f) conspiring to commit an act of terrorism.

“The above-mentioned alleged offenses constitute extraditable offenses within the meaning and scope of the treaty over which India has jurisdiction,” the judge ruled.

The judge said strong enough evidence had been presented to show that Rana was the person charged in India and that India had sought his extradition in this proceeding and that Rana had committed the crimes for which his extradition was sought.

“Therefore, it is ordered that Tahawwur Hussain Rana will and remains in the custody of the United States Marshal pending the extradition and transfer to India by the Secretary of State for trial under Title 18, United States Code, Section 3186 and treaty,” the judge ruled.

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