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World News | US response to organ harvesting from Uyghurs


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Beijing [China]June 19 (ANI): Uyghurs have hailed the “Stop Forced Organ Harvesting Act” initiative passed by the US House of Representatives as helping to combat the organ trade of Chinese political prisoners, Falun Gong practitioners and their own people, Bitter Winter reported.

Post-Brexit British lawmakers’ political shift toward new procurement legislation has signaled Uighurs’ vulnerability to organ harvesting. In addition, China’s treatment of Uyghurs was specifically mentioned at the recent World Medical Association meeting in Nairobi.

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Launched in May 2018, Bitter Winter is an online magazine about religious freedom and human rights in China.

HR 1154, authored by Chris Smith (R-New Jersey), passed overwhelmingly with 413 votes to 2. The legislation authorizes the U.S. government to take steps to combat forced organ harvesting in China. It authorizes sanctions against individuals and entities involved in the practice, including banning the export of surgical equipment for organ transplants and halting the training of transplant surgeons. According to Bitter Winter, it will now go to the Senate for further consideration.

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In early 1990, Uyghur exile Enver Tohti, then a young surgeon in the capital Urumqi, saw three boys with prominent U-shaped scars over the course of six months, Showing that their kidneys were stolen. In 1995, he himself was ordered to harvest organs from a living prisoner and ordered to remember that “nothing happened that day”.

The issue was raised again in 2016, when “Free Health Exam for Everyone” required every Uyghur in Xinjiang to submit iris scans, blood types, fingerprints, and DNA. Human rights activists and Uighurs alike fear the data will be used to match demand for organs at home and abroad. Fears intensified during the so-called “people’s” Chinese court” in 2019, when observers learned over days of witness testimony, first-hand experience and expert research that organs are provided on demand and that this special The fast-track human organs lanes at Xinjiang’s Kashgar airport have been reserved, and Uyghurs are increasingly being targeted.

Later, the producer of South Korean TV station Chosun’s investigative report7 pointed out the danger of Uyghurs in Chinese courts. While investigating organ tourism from South Korea to Tianjin, it was discovered that the Suadi ethnic group was waiting for their “halal organs” at the same hospital,” according to Bitter Winter, with all costs borne by the government.

“The practice of forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience has been going on for a considerable period of time in China, involving a very large number of victims,” ​​the court concluded.

In 2021, “extreme alarm” was sounded by independent experts commissioned by the United Nations (UN) who found “credible evidence” that detainees belonging to ethnic, linguistic or religious minorities “may be forced to undergo blood tests and organ tests such as Ultrasounds and X-rays were performed without their informed consent; while other prisoners were not required to undergo such tests. The results were reportedly registered in a living organ source database that facilitates organ allocation.

Despite Beijing’s denials, Ethan Gutmann’s research since 2006 has provided several pieces of “hard evidence” that add weight to the evidence, Bitter Winter reported.

Rushan Abbas of the Uyghur Movement (CFU) applauded the U.S. bill and said her organization has long advocated for an end to forced organ harvesting and human trafficking. “The forced organ harvesting from Uyghur Muslims and other prisoners of conscience is another horrible crime committed by the CCP,” she said.

Abbas said, “This bill is a key turning point in the fight against the heinous brutality of the Chinese Communist Party against the Uyghur community.” would add to the horror of this unimaginable crime. The truth may be too horrific for some to believe, but it is real, and we must hold accountable those responsible for their actions,” Bitter Winter said.

She urged the bill to be passed quickly and eventually enacted into law. (Arnie)

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