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World News | Uyghur women face systematic repression under Chinese control


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washington [US]March 15 (USA): The U.S. Institute of Peace cites a report that says Uyghur women in China are facing systematic repression, are barred from speaking their language or who they want to marry, and are even sent to “China Concentration Camp” Uyghur Journalist.

Uyghur journalists Guliqihela and Jia discuss the human rights situation of Uyghur women in China’s Xinjiang region.

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In a video, journalist Hoja said: “We say there is no door that a woman cannot open. But today Uyghur women are forced to give up their right to choose anything under the complete control of the CCP. They can’t even choose to speak their language or what they want.” Who to marry. Even Uyghur children are deprived of their family rights because of CCP assimilation.”

“Many of my former colleagues were sent to concentration camps in China. But in my case, my family paid the price, 24 members of my family were arrested overnight, including my parents and my brother,” she added.

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She further pointed out that the reason why those authoritarian countries feel threatened by women is because the women’s community represents love and peace, they are very strong, and they are ready to make sacrifices when needed.

World leaders must demand that China allow independent investigations and allow foreign journalists access to the Uyghur region.

“Spreading awareness about the plight of WE ARE women under the CCP. Encouraging more WE ARE women to speak out by providing a platform and opportunity. Never in my life would I have thought I would witness genocide let alone genocide against my own people … not just me. We are witnessing and allowing history to repeat itself. This is a human tragedy,” the reporter added.

Uyghur women have always been vulnerable victims in China. Uyghur woman Ayshemhan Abdulla has spent more than two decades in prison for sending her three teenage children to the region, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported. A home based religious school.

Abdullah, 62, believes she is doing what’s best for her two daughters and a son by ensuring they receive an Islamic religious education in China’s remote Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, consistent with their Muslim Uighur identity.

The Uyghur Times recently reported that Chinese authorities are now publicly executing Uyghurs in order to eradicate Uyghurs, but the world is not taking action against China. The author warns that the world will soon face what the Uyghurs are going through.

Abdullah, a resident of Yining County, was sentenced to 21 years in prison in 2017 for sending her children to a home religious school, a security chief for her village in the town of Qrayaghach said.

According to Radio Free Asia, the man, who did not want to be named, said: “She is serving her sentence in Baikele Women’s Prison in Yining City. For every child she sends out, she will be sentenced to seven years in prison.”

Authorities also took Abdullah’s children to a camp, where they were held for more than a year, but later released them, according to the village security chief.

But Abdullah is not the only one caught up in Chinese authorities’ sweeping net in Xinjiang, home to more than 11 million Turkic-speaking Uyghurs, most of them Muslim, and more than 60 Uyghurs accused of sending their children to According to Xinjiang police files, millions of confidential documents were stolen from Xinjiang police computers and released in May 2022. cache. (ANI)

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