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World News | Zelensky fires Ukrainian joint forces commander

World News | Zelensky fires Ukrainian joint forces commander

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. (Image source – Reuters)

Kyiv [Ukraine]Feb. 27 (ANI): Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky fired Joint Force Operations Commander Eduard Mikhailovich Moskarov on Sunday, CNN reported. Major.

Moskalov was appointed head of the Kiev Regional Military Administration in March last year when Lieutenant General Oleksandr Pavliuk was appointed.

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Meanwhile, Zelensky offered no explanation for Moskarov’s dismissal, according to CNN, but it was the latest in a series of recent leadership changes his administration has made.

A series of high-profile firings followed a series of nationwide anti-corruption raids and crackdowns by Ukrainian authorities.

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It was unclear whether Moskarov’s firing was related to the latest corruption purge, according to CNN.

In the latest development, Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud signed a $400 million Ukraine aid package during his first visit to Kiev.

The Saudi foreign minister is visiting Ukraine for the first time since the two countries established diplomatic ties 30 years ago. On Sunday, President Zelensky’s office released a video of him meeting Saudi Arabia’s Prince Farhan Saud, CNN reported.

Zelensky said he expected the meeting to “provide new impetus to further strengthen our mutually beneficial dialogue”.

“Thank you for supporting peace in Ukraine, our sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he said, adding, “This is very important to us and our society.”

Saudi Arabia has taken a neutral line in the conflict. Last year, the kingdom mediated a prisoner exchange that resulted in the release of two U.S. citizens and five British citizens from Russian detention.

The head of the Ukrainian presidency, Andrey Yermak, posted on the messaging platform Telegram that the meeting was a success.

“Ukraine will get real help from Saudi Arabia,” the Ukrainian official said. “The president’s office signed two documents formalizing a $400 million aid package to Ukraine: $100 million in humanitarian aid and $300 million in oil products,” CNN reported.

Ukraine reported heavy Russian shelling in the East Luhansk and Donetsk regions this weekend, while troops were locked in brutal urban fighting in the flashpoint city of Bakhmut.

Also, US national security adviser Jack Sullivan has vowed that China will pay a “real price” if it provides lethal aid in Russia’s war on Ukraine.

“Actually, from our perspective, this war presents real complications for Beijing. Beijing will have to decide for itself how to proceed, whether to provide military assistance. But if it goes down this path, it There will be real costs, Sullivan told CNN’s Dana Bash on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

He added that in its diplomatic dialogue with China, the U.S. is “not just issuing direct threats. We’re just laying out the stakes and consequences and how things are going to play out. We’re doing that behind closed doors, clearly and concretely.”

Sullivan’s comments came at a critical time in the Ukraine war. Three sources familiar with the intelligence told CNN that the United States has intelligence that the Chinese government is considering supplying Russia with drones and munitions for war.

Beijing appears to have yet to make a final decision, the sources said, as Russia and China are negotiating the price and scope of the equipment.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has repeatedly asked China for drones and munitions, and Chinese leadership has been actively discussing whether to provide lethal assistance over the past few months, sources familiar with the intelligence said.

CIA Director Bill Burns said the U.S. was “confident” Beijing was considering the move, but intelligence indicated no final decision had been made, CNN reported.

At the same time, Burns said, the CIA also saw signs of Russia offering to help Iran with its missile program in exchange for military assistance. (Arnie)

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