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Yeezy did it in UAE, Alex Yee takes gold at WTCS Abu Dhabi World Championships World Triathlon

UK business is back alex yu He completed his signature 5km run on Friday afternoon to keep his momentum going and win his first gold medal in the 2023 World Triathlon Championships series in Abu Dhabi.

For the Olympic silver medalist, it was the perfect way to banish the blues for the 2022 championship final, returning 30 seconds from the water, bridging the leader early in the 20km bike race, and sending off full of incredible running talent The venue comes down to Yee, Portugal’s Vasco Biraca and Brazilian Manuel Mercias Received silver and bronze medals respectively.

“I came here with no expectations, played freely and I guess that’s what happens when you enjoy what you do!” said Alex Yee with a satisfied face. “It’s been great to play with these guys. I just wanted to see how the training in Australia has gone over the last few weeks, it’s been a labor of love and it worked out well and I felt good today.”

With Yi who was in the top three last season, Leo Berger and Hayden Wilde They’re all lined up on the far right of the pontoon, that’s French vincent louis A curveball from the start of the middle pontoon clearly paid off as he scored the fastest swim of the day.

Fight with teammates dorian conix, Mark Devi (she), Alessio Crociani (Italy) and Jamie Riddle (RSA), with 30 seconds back to Yee and 45 seconds back to Wilde and Messias.

Gustave Eden Also at the back of the field, but it was Wilde who suffered a flat after a T1 out and so will face the next 20km solo ride.

On the first of five cycling laps, the 10-deep backpack powered by Coninx, Riddle, Jian Er Nai Er (Japan) and Matthew Hauser (AUS) played with Portuguese duo Vilaca and Ricardo Batista, Tyler Mislawchuk also bridged and the trio joined the leaders.

Ten seconds ago it was Bergere, Yee, Stefan Zachos (lux) and Matthew McElroy (USA), but soon a full 50 athletes were crossing the Yas Marina circuit in a giant train.

Bergere, Riddle and Roberto Sanchez Mantecon rolled the dice on the third lap, but the interruption was short-lived, and although Zachaus also tried to make a move, it was the second and final time a strong team entered the transition, after the 5km run, All eyes are on success.

Brandon Copeland (AUS) flew out of T2 first, but was quickly Max Studer And Hauser, Yi moved into position on his shoulders before Lewis took over pole. Sanchez was close in front, then Luis moved forward again and things started to break down on the first climb.

The first lap belonged to Messias, who headed to the front with Mislawchuk, but the Canadian’s 10-second penalty for an equipment violation would end his challenge to regain the podium.

However, Yee was just biding his time, getting back to the front and then up the hill, with Messias and Vilaca unable to answer the call, and from there, Yee started a one-man game, erasing his pain in the championship final with a golden start , Vilaca held off Messias to silver.

Vincent Luis leads Dorian Coninx and Leo Bergere across the finish line with Roberto Sanchez in 7th and Matt McElroy, Max Studer and Adrian Briford Get into the top 10.

“It’s been three years since I’ve been on the podium in Hamburg and it’s great to start the season this way,” said Vasco Vilaca. “An amazing race, running to the end with Alex and Manor was fantastic. Alex had extra gear on the hills so I just did my best. Now I need to fight for the medals and Fighting to be on the podium again.”

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