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Zarghami & Zimmermann Corporate Consulting Group: Your partner in sustainable growth | Bahman Zarghami

We had the wonderful opportunity of speaking with Bahman Zarghami, Founder of Zarghami & Zimmermann Corporate Consulting Group. The Zarghami & Zimmermann Corporate Consulting Group is a leading global firm, operating digitally, that is helping to transform how organizations do business. Making this possible through collaboration, change management and by implementing impactful cultural development solutions.

Let’s learn more about him through our interview below.

1. Please give us a brief introduction about your organization.

The Zarghami & Zimmermann Corporate Consulting Group is a leading global firm, operating digitally, that is helping to transform how organizations do business. Making this possible through collaboration, change management, and implementing impactful cultural development solutions. We believe that real change can only be achieved by working closely with clients, rather than for clients. Working together to identify problems, define success, and create long-term solutions. We’re highly specialized in leadership and team development through consulting coaching, training, and mentoring.

2. What is the tagline of your organization?

Your partner in sustainable growth.

3. Describe your background and the company’s history in detail.

I am trained as a community development counsellor and intellectual giftedness expert. During my 10-year career in sociology, I have discovered a growing demand for communication, collaboration, culture, and other parts of human capital in the corporate world. Digitalization is what’s driving this demand. Tech is changing not only the organization but the people inside it as well. We need to facilitate people to integrate these solutions into their workflow while maximizing their human potential as well. Remote work is an area that reveals a lot of potential but also a lot of challenges related to this issue. These next decades are going to be incredibly interesting and we’re here for it.

4. What do you want to achieve in the workplace and what does your company expect from its employees?

Our values are accountability, sustainability, and passion. We want to achieve radical sustainability. Within our team, by committing to digital solutions and remote work to minimize damage to the environment. We build long-term partnerships and we expect our employees to be fully accountable and own the challenges of our partners. We only work with people who are passionate about their expertise, and who have a rich personal story to share.

5. What is your greatest company and team asset?

The greatest asset in our company is our focus on human behaviour, we think as tech becomes a larger part of our lives, protecting the human element becomes more and more important. The greatest asset of our team is our agility. We love solving problems in an efficient and timely manner. We take a lot of pride in our approach

6. What steps have you taken to get where you are in your career?

Curiosity and resilience. Being curious led me to the path of understanding how human behaviour impacts companies and why some facilitate an amazing workplace, and some don’t. Resilience was needed to push through some bias around topics like culture and collaboration. Changing the belief system of an industry requires patience, but I believe we’re getting there.

7. What is your motivation for starting this company?

I believe that the biggest driver for every great person has been the same throughout history; helping other people. Through remote work, our job is slowly becoming part of our household and invading our personal spaces and devices. This creates some challenges, but this also creates an opportunity – if you want to help people at a massive scale, their work now operates as a portal to directly access their personal lives. Helping as many people as we can, that’s our motivation for ZZ Consulting.

8. What are some of the obstacles you’ve faced in achieving your goals?

People often resist change, even if it is clearly to their benefit. To implement any kind of change in human capital, we need to build trust and eventually inspire them to champion the change themselves. That takes time, but we believe it is worth it.

9. How best would you describe yourself in just one word?


10. What gives you a sense of purpose and direction on Mondays?

Knowing that I have the privilege and the honour to wake up healthy, motivated, and driven by a clear purpose, while many other people in the world do not. Those people deserve the exact same things that I have and I need to get up and work to help companies facilitate them.

11. What was the most innovative or creative project that you worked on?

Honestly, all our projects are innovative because human behaviour is at the core of our approach. We don’t believe any solution is sustainable without considering the humans that need to drive it forward. Because of the variety in individuals and group dynamics, it makes every case unique and exciting.

12. What key values helped you overcome obstacles in your career? Tell us a story about the most memorable incident in which you demonstrated leadership.

During the early days of this company, there was much uncertainty about our approach and whether we could be able to convince the market to believe in the impacts of human behaviour on their business. That was a time when I had to stick to my vision, even during periods of self-doubt, and express my confidence to my team so they remained motivated. That was a difficult time, but I am incredibly proud of my team, they stuck with me to this day.

13. What makes your company’s services/solutions or products unique? What is coming soon in terms of new offerings and innovations?

Currently, we’re investing a lot of time into remote workforces, what are the challenges they’re dealing with and how can we facilitate them to feel engaged, feel part of the organization, and effectively collaborate? These are just examples of the questions that many companies are struggling with and, similar to our other services, we believe that these solutions need to be tailored to the specific company at hand. I believe that the solutions we’re currently putting together are going to be incredibly valuable for companies with a remote workforce.

Company Name: Zarghami & Zimmermann Corporate Consulting Group

Web.: https: https://www.zzconsulting.global/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/zarghami-zimmermann-corporate-consulting-group/

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