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ZLD – AJG Holding: Leading the Way in Accessible and Sustainable Water Solutions

ZLD – AJG Holding, led by Mr. Abdul Jabbar Gargash and Mr. Mahmoud Ayoub, is embarking on a transformative journey to revolutionize water accessibility and sustainability, particularly in arid regions. Fueled by the challenges posed in these areas, the project introduces an innovative and environmentally friendly approach to desalination, embodying simplicity and efficiency.

A Vision for Inclusive Water Access

Mr. Gargash’s journey began with the challenge of brackish water on his farm, prompting the need for a solution. The vision of making water accessible to all, especially underserved communities, defines the project’s mission. By converting brackish water into life-sustaining freshwater, the project aims to simplify and streamline the desalination process for unparalleled efficiency.

Aligning with UAE’s Sustainability Vision

In harmony with the UAE’s sustainability vision, the project aligns with the UAE Water Security Strategy 2036. The goal is to reduce water demand and increase productivity while ensuring a harmonious environmental footprint by generating no harmful waste. The project goes beyond meeting standards, embodying a commitment to sustainability.

A ‘Poor Man’s Desalination Plant’: AJG Holding

Crafted as a ‘poor man’s desalination plant,’ the project strives to make water accessible to all, irrespective of economic status. The remarkably low production cost for a unit capable of generating 10,000 to 20,000 gallons per day is not only affordable but also modular and requires minimal maintenance. This affordability extends to underserved communities, ensuring clean water for those often left behind.

Accelerating the Journey: Seeking Strategic Support

With the proof of concept completed and international patents secured, the focus is now on building a full-scale model. The project actively seeks strategic support and resources to expedite research and development efforts. This includes securing funding from government bodies and private enterprises that share the commitment to pioneering accessible and sustainable water solutions.

A Commitment to Continuous Innovation

The commitment extends beyond patents, with a dedication to continually innovate and discover new, groundbreaking ways to make water more accessible. ZLD – AJG Holding invites collaboration in this transformative journey, aiming to provide clean, affordable water to all in an efficient, environmentally friendly manner.

Join Us at Wetex 2023

ZLD – AJG Holding welcomes you to explore their vision at Wetex 2023, Stall A12 in Hall 1, from November 15 to 17. Witness the evolution of a sustainable future where water is considered a right, not a privilege.

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