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2 of 3 Filipinos pardoned in UAE rescued from death row – Palace


Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, June 24) — The United Arab Emirates (UAE) pardoned three Filipino criminals, two of whom were sentenced to death for drug trafficking and the other 15 years in prison for defamation, the palace revealed Friday.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. requested humanitarian amnesty for the three in two separate letters to UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, according to a statement from the Palace.

“I am pleased to inform you that the appeal of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has been granted a humanitarian pardon for three Filipinos, two of whom were sentenced to death for drug trafficking and one who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for defamation. Our President, said Mohammad Obaid Salim Alqatam Alzabi, UAE Ambassador to the Philippines.

Sheikh noted the valuable contributions of some 600,000 Filipinos working in the Arab countries.

Meanwhile, Marcos thanked the UAE foreign minister for his decision.

Marcos told Sheikh: “This is the least we can do. Then there are the usual things about building a stronger relationship, and I also said my opinion on the good treatment of Filipino nationals in the UAE.”

The UAE president also reiterated his invitation to Marcos to attend the 2023 UN climate change conference in Dubai, a request first made a week ago during a courtesy call by the UAE ambassador in Malacañang last week.

Marcos invited Sheikh Mohammed to visit the Philippines and said that UAE leaders are always welcome to visit the country.


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