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MoHAP Organizes Workshops to Coordinate Early Childhood Development Programs


dubai [UAE]June 24 (ANI/WAM): The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) organized a three-day national workshop to strengthen and coordinate early childhood development programs across the country. Organized in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF, as well as strategic partners, the workshop aims to develop a national early childhood development framework, strengthen related programs within the UAE, and help achieve the country’s overall goal of creating healthy children. To provide a safe and sustainable environment for children in the UAE through a range of national initiatives and programmes.

The gathering was attended by renowned experts, policymakers, professionals and multi-sectoral partners from the UAE, including the Health Authority, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Community Development, Supreme Council for Maternal and Childhood (SCMC), Dubai Women’s Foundation and Children’s ( DFWAC), Dubai Community Development Authority, Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority, Sharjah Institute of Education and University, and World Health Organization, UNICEF. The event provided a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration and strategic discussion, focusing on early childhood development and its subsequent impact on a wide range of health outcomes.

The three-day event set several goals, including raising awareness of the critical role early childhood development plays in lifelong health and wellbeing, and disseminating the latest research, best practices and effective interventions related to early childhood development measure. The campaign also aims to strengthen policy frameworks and strategies while integrating early childhood development into healthcare systems and public policy. Another goal is to foster collaboration among experts to improve the quality of early childhood development services by identifying challenges and developing innovative and effective solutions.

Featuring small group discussions, interactive sessions and breakout sessions, the workshops cover a wide range of early childhood development topics and offer participants a unique opportunity to engage, learn about dedicated research findings and success stories, and share knowledge with all Professionals communicate effectively. A common goal to strengthen child health outcomes. MoHAP highlighted the fruitful collaboration between health authorities, relevant stakeholders, WHO and UNICEF in organizing the workshop, which underscores the UAE’s desire to prioritize the health and future of the younger generation.

The ministry noted that the workshop is an integral step towards realizing the UAE’s ambitious vision to become a global leader in creating innovative health, education and social solutions for young children. MoHAP further stated that the event is a major milestone in the UAE’s commitment to reform the healthcare sector and lay the foundations for a prosperous future for the country’s children.

The workshop’s agenda has several key themes. This includes sharing evidence on the importance of investing in early childhood development, with particular emphasis on care from pregnancy to age 3. This is in addition to developing a framework of care at all key levels, increasing awareness and understanding of the importance of early childhood development among partners, and developing a multi-sectoral roadmap for implementing an innovative framework of care in-country. The roadmap includes the development of a training package designed to support carers and improve their mental health and social wellbeing. (ANI/WAM)

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